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A Thousand Year Slumber: Jirachi Special Research Guide

Trainers, A Thousand Year Slumber is special research quest which unlocks the Hoenn region Mythical Pokémon Jirachi. The Jirachi Special Research Quest was made available  from 20th August 1PM PDT. This Page Lists all the Jirachi Special Research Stages along with… Continue Reading →

Jump-Start Special Research Tasks and Rewards

Trainers, As a part of the 3rd Anniversary Event, Niantic has released a special Jump-Start Research Challenge which rewards you a lot of XP, Stardust and Dratini Candy by just completing simple tasks! This Page Lists all the Jump-Start Stages… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Update 0.147.1: Team Rocket, Shadow Pokemon, Invasion and much more coming to Pokemon GO

Trainers, hold on your seats as this update is huge, A new version of Pokemon GO 0.147.1 is out for Android and its Data Mine report suggests Team Rocket, Shadow Pokemon and a completely new game mode – Invasion! The… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Update 0.147.0: Purified Pokemon, New Loading Screen, New Badges and Much More

Trainers, A New version of Pokemon GO v0.147.0 (Android) has been found and is being rolled out slowly for all users, The upcoming update contains a lot of new mysteries and bug fixes 🙂 The official update mentions Bug Fixes… Continue Reading →

Niantic is suing “Global++”, the developers of PokeGo++, Ingress++ and Potter++

Trainers, Niantic has come up a step forward to stop the cheaters from Pokemon GO, Ingress and the upcoming game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! Niantic is drawing a line in the sand, and has filed a lawsuit against the Global++,… Continue Reading →

Leak: GO Fest Chicago 2019 Challenges, Badge and Special Research

Trainers, the first GO Fest 2019 is around the corner and everyone is much excited about it, Players around the world, Niantic and the Data Miners! Our all-time active Data miner Chrales found something new in the Data Mine and… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Update 0.145.0: Jirachi Encounter, New Moves, Dynamic Loading Screen and Much More!

Trainers, Niantic is taking a step to complete everyone wish, The Wish Maker Pokemon Jirachi Encounter has been found in the new update. The 0.145.0 update for Pokémon GO is slowly rolling out on Android and iOS. The official changelog… Continue Reading →

New Lure Modules, New Wave of Sinnoh Region Pokemon and New Eevee Name Trick

Trainers, get ready to harness the power of new lure modules,  and to meet the new Sinnoh region Pokemon! Niantic Official announced that more Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region will be making their way into Pokémon GO! So without breaking… Continue Reading →

Leak: Three New Lure Modules, Evolution Methods and Raid Week 2019 Found

Trainers,  Hope you all are enjoying the Detective Pikachu event with all different encounters and research tasks because we have something to share with you all about some upcoming items, evolution and a new event! So let’s begin, and yes… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Update 0.141.0: Delete Raid Pass, Lucky Friend Fix and few other QOLs update

Trainers, new update 0.141.1 has been found for Android and a lot of new changes is happening in Pokemon GO, The new upcoming update contains a lot of Quality of Life updates, and few bug fixes! All the following updates… Continue Reading →

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