Officially Announced: New Team Medallion allows Trainers to switch teams, Starting Feb 26

Trainers, hold on your seat as this official now, a few days ago we had shared the leak of the team change, and becoming real now! Pokemon GO Officially Announced the New Item Team Medallion Team Medallion Coin The Team… Continue Reading →

Leak: Team Medallion Coin is Coming in Pokemon GO

Trainers, a new update is already out for android with lots of bugs, keeping that aside our all-time active Data miner Chrales found something unique in the new APK package. Hold on your seats, Here’s what he found! Team Medallion… Continue Reading →

February Community Day: Observations from Europe Swinub

The Swinub Community Day has been ended in Europe and the following things are observed. Obviously, The first report confirms Shiny Swinub, Apart from that many other happy trainers and lots of Swinubs were observed: Event bonuses include: 10 guaranteed Sinnoh Stones 5… Continue Reading →

Huge Change to Trainer Battle: Stats Boosting Move Effects are coming starting this Community Day

Trainers, Pokemon GO is making huge changes to Trainer Battle System, Hold on your seat trainers, Stats boosting moves are finally coming in Pokemon GO starting this Community Day! Stat boosts and debuffs have been part of the Pokemon franchise since the… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event: Increased Spawn, Raid Boss List, Research Task and Much more

Trainers, Niantic is again back with another event with lots of love, Niantic announced the Valentine’s Day event in the full Swing with lots of Rewards and Pink Pokemon! You can check-out the Countdown Timer of Event at PokeTimer Or Download New… Continue Reading →

Smeargle teasers spotted on Pokemon GO’s official social media!

Trainers, something strange is going on with Pokemon GO’s Social media account! The two recent images released on the Social media accounts show some type of Green Paint brush effect which hints towards the long overdue Generation 2 Painter Pokemon… Continue Reading →

GO Field Guide: Shiny Checklist Tool is now Live!

Trainers, first of all, Thank you for such a positive overwhelming response on the Google play store rating! We have now crossed 10k+ Downloads in Google Play Store! We are returning the thanks with another new feature! We are happy… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO: Friendship Weekend Event from Feb 8. to Feb 11.

Trainers, Save your Special Trades until after the event starts to save Stardust, Niantic has announced an another Mini Event for this friendship weekend! Starting from February 8 1 PM PST until February 11, 2019, a Special Friendship weekend will… Continue Reading →

Lunar New Year 2019 Event: Shiny Spoink & Double Catch & Evolve XP!

Trainers, a new mini-event has come out in the wild with a lot of XP, just a few hours ago Niantic announced the celebration of Lunar New Year starting from February 4th until February 13th 1:00 PM PST. You can… Continue Reading →

New Sinnoh Pokemon Wave and Moves Update

Trainers, Well this wasn’t expected and certainly came out in the wild, Niantic has finally decided to drop another wave of Sinnoh Pokémon comprised of the gender-exclusive evolutions like Gallade, the move-locked evolutions like Yanmega, and some other miscellaneous wild… Continue Reading →

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