Go-tcha for Pokemon GO Review: An Alternative to Pokemon GO Plus

Ever Heard of Go-tcha? We are pretty sure you have by now, but if you haven’t or probably have and want to know much about it, you are in the right place.

A competitor to the Official Niantic Band to the game, Pokemon GO+, Gotcha has much more to offer than what the latter does.

What is Go-tcha?

Considered as a spin-off of Pokemon GO+, Gotcha is a based on a fitness tracker called the Fitgo Prime (or sometimes the Primefit). The Go-tcha helps you enjoy Pokémon GO on the move without looking at your smartphone! Yes, it is true, it helps you catch Pokémon and collect items on the go. It provides the trainers on-screen and vibrates alerts. working with a tap the screen to grab the items. But how it is different than Pokemon GO Plus? 🤔

If you’ve used the GO Plus, you have to push a button to perform actions like making capture attempts and spinning nearby Pokéstops. The Go-tcha removes this limitation, with the ‘Auto-Catch’ mode on the Go-tcha you don’t even need to respond – Go-tcha does it all! Collect Pokéballs, Potions, Eggs and other items at Pokéstops without you having to check your smartphone.

Go-tcha Purchase Product Link

  1. Go-tcha Evolve Daredevil Red
  2. Go-tcha Evolve Dynamic Grey
  3. Go-tcha Evolve Black/Green
  4. Go-tcha Original
  5. Go-tcha Original (If 1st Product is out of stock or doesn’t ship to your address)
  6. Go-tcha Ranger
  7. Nintendo Poké Ball Plus
  8. Nintendo Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth Bracelet

Table of Content

  1. Unique Features
  2. Look and Display
  3. Battery Life and Charging
  4. Connectivity
  5. Go-tcha vs Pokemon Go Plus
  6. Some FAQs
  7. Final Verdict


Go-tcha is available in 3 different variants: Original Go-tcha, Go-tcha Evolve, Go-tcha Ranger.

1. Unique Features

Go-tcha Unique Features

All the 3 Go-tcha comes with all of these features.

  • Auto Catch Pokémon
  • Auto Collect items at Pokéstops when nearby
  • ‘Auto-Catch’ mode
  • Touchscreen
  • Animated graphics
  • Vibration feedback (It can be turned off)

2. Looks and Display

Go-tcha comes in 3 different looks, Go-tcha Original, Go-tcha Evolve and Go-tcha Ranger.

Go-tcha Original

Go-tcha Look and Display

Go-tcha Original looks very similar to the Mi Fitness band, with the package containing a removable strap and the main unit. The strap provided feels like its made of some average or cheap material. but you always have the option to replace the strap with Mi Silicon strap or some silicon cases which easily available in the market.

  1. DDJOY Silicone Case with Lanyard for Go-tcha
  2. DDJOY Replacement Wristband Case for Go-tcha
  3. B-Great Replacement Accessory Wrist Band for Go-tcha

Go-tcha Ranger

The Go-tcha Ranger comes with a power bank of 1200mAh Battery, It has an attached flashlight and a compass in it.

Go-tcha Evolve

Like the Go-tcha original, the Go-tcha Evolve resembles a fitness tracker. It comes a much larger unit as compared to the original Go-tcha and it looks much better than the original Go-tcha, but the strap cannot be removed in the Go-tcha Evolve.

Even though the strap cannot be removed, there are few premium cases available through which you can use it as a keychain.

  1. Case Cover with Keychain Carabiner for Go-tcha Evolve
  2. Logity Case with Keychain Carabiner for Go-tcha Evolve

All the 3 device uses a touch-sensitive button which cycles through several options, the display shows each option with one colours icons

  • Pokemon Capture – shown in the form of a Pokeball
  • Pokestop Spinning – shown in the form of Pokestop
  • Pokemon Found – shown with a question in the box

FeelEach of these options has a box below it with an X option to turn it on or off. It also has an option in the cycle to turn on/off the vibration.

3. Battery Life and Charging

Go-tcha Charging

We had the following results at the end of the week:

A full charge takes approx. 1 hour and lasts for approx. 12 hours with continuous use. Standby time is approx. 48 hours for Go-tcha Original.

Go-tcha Evolve has a giant plus for original Go-tcha in terms of battery life, Go-tcha evolve can last for a few days with a single charge.

Go-tcha Ranger can last around a week without a charge. with Go-tcha ranger you can even charge your Mobile Phone, it works as a power bank.

 Go-tcha OriginalGo-tcha EvolveGo-tcha Ranger
Battery12-48hrs2-3 days7-10 days
ChargingUnique chargerUSB ChargingUSB Charging

For Gotcha Orginal, We had to mention charging separately in the Head Point because this comes with a unique charger, so if it ever gets damaged, it won’t be an easy task to finds its replacement.

In case, you’re damaged you charging cable you can get the new one from here: DDJOY Replacement Charger Cable (Pack of 2) for Go-tcha Pokemon GO

Go-tcha Ranger wins this section due to its extra battery life.

4. Connectivity


All the Go-tcha shows up connected to Pokemon GO on a smartphone as if it were a real-deal Pokemon GO Plus device. As far as the game knows, the Go-tcha is a Pokemon GO Plus device made by Niantic.

It had a 92% successful connection rate and it lasts a great deal longer than expected, even solving the Go plus connectivity issue.

5. Got-cha vs Pokemon Go Plus

Let’s talk the real deal now. How does Got-cha fare against the GO Plus?

Go-tcha vs Pokemon Go Plus
Go-tchaPokemon Go Plus
Better ConnectivityFrequent Connection Lost
Auto Catch FeatureNeed to Press button
Auto Collects from the PokestopsIt doesn’t
Not official by NianticOfficial Niantic product

Fairly speaking both the bands have their own sets of Pros and Cons, but looking at the usability, efficiency and the costs. We feel the Gotcha outweighs the Go Plus by a margin.

6. Some FAQs

  • Will this lead to an Account Ban?

The chances of that are extremely, extremely thin. Slim to the extreme.
Go-Tcha shows up connected to Pokemon GO on a smartphone as if it were a real-deal Pokemon GO Plus device. As far as the game knows, the Go-Tcha is a Pokemon GO Plus device made by Niantic

  • I don’t like the Go-tcha strap, can I change it?

Yes you can, Go-tcha Original comes with a removable strap, so if don’t like you can just remove it and keep the Go-tcha device in your pocket or bag and it will continue doing its work

and even you purchase some Funky straps, we have added a few recommendations 😉 Select the one which suits you the best

  1. DDJOY Silicone Case with Lanyard for Gotcha
  2. DDJOY Replacement Wristband Case for Go-tcha
  3. B-Great Replacement Accessory Wrist Band for Gotcha

Go-tcha Evolve strap cannot be removed but you can use some of the cases directly.

  1. Case Cover with Keychain Carabiner for Go-tcha Evolve
  2. Logity Case with Keychain Carabiner for Go-tcha Evolve
  • Does it support iPhone?

Go-tcha is for all, it supports both iOS and Android system

  • I heard, after an update, it got connectivity issue and few features are not working in iOS?

Yes, you heard it right, but to tackle that issue, Go-tcha team released a Software Update, on applying the update it resolves the issues with Auto Catch features on iOS devices

You can watch it here – How to upgrade the firmware on your Go-tcha

  • Can I view my Go-tcha catch statics?

Yes, with the help of the App you can view the catch statics – View statistics

7. Final Verdict

Well If your question Is Go-tcha worth the money and which Go-tcha you should choose?

Then Yes, it definitely is, it’s better than Pogo Plus, it has better connectivity which currently lacks in Pogo plus

Auto-spins of PokestopsLow visibility in sunlight
Auto-catches of PokemonMight change future compatibility
Prioritizes Pokemon catch firstNot official from Niantic
Battery life up to 3 days plus, up to 7 days for Go-tcha RangerTakes out the attempt of playing
Charger included in the boxUnique Charger for the device

For us, Go-tcha Evolve wins the race beacause of watch type looks and battery life compared to Go-tcha original. The Go-tcha comes with latest firmware and has proven some better connectivity than the Go-tcha original.

Go-tcha Original is the oldest product from the Team Datel, its a small size and can be detached from the band and can be used as a keychain with some replacement bands. The only negative side the battery size and charging cable.

You can go for Go-tcha Ranger if you’re looking for a powerpack device and if you travel a lot, the ranger comes with a compass and flashlight to help and it can even be used to charge your mobile phone.

Product Link

  1. Go-tcha Evolve Daredevil Red
  2. Go-tcha Evolve Dynamic Grey
  3. Go-tcha Evolve Black/Green
  4. Go-tcha Original
  5. Go-tcha Original (If 1st Product is out of stock or doesn’t ship to your address)
  6. Go-tcha Ranger
  7. DDJOY Silicone Case with Lanyard for Gotcha
  8. DDJOY Replacement Wristband Case for Go-tcha
  9. B-Great Replacement Accessory Wrist Band for Gotcha
  10. Case Cover with Keychain Carabiner for Go-tcha Evolve
  11. Logity Case with Keychain Carabiner for Go-tcha Evolve
  12. Nintendo Poké Ball Plus
  13. Nintendo Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth Bracelet

Here’s what others are saying about the product


Did we miss anything?

Feel free to ask anything else you may want to know. If we can’t answer them, maybe someone else reading can. Let us know in the comments below and join the discussion on our Pokemon Go – WorldWide Niantic News Update Facebook Group!


Add yours

  1. Thanks for the review!

  2. I really enjoy mine. I don’t use the auto catch feature since I feel that goes against the spirt of the game and still feel it is worth it. I also turn the vibrate off because I find it very annoying. Better battery life that way, too.
    There are a number of quirks with it, however. For one, if I have Facebook Messenger (full) installed on my device, the GoTcha doesn’t like to connect. FB Messenger Lite, however, is fine.
    Connecting it is a process- I go to settings then Go+, open that screen and tap the button on the Go-Tcha. This should get it to connect, but I have found that it usually does not about 90% of the time. After tapping the button on the Go-Tcha, I have to go back to the previous screen, then return to the Go+ screen once again for the Go-Tcha to show up.
    Also, it will disconnect every hour or so, which is apparently what it is designed to do. I can often reconnect at least once for another hour, but then after that I have to go back into the settings menu and eject/unpair the Go-Tcha, restart the game, the repeat the process. If my game has to be shut off for any reason (game freezes, crashes, etc.) then when the game reboots I cannot reconnect the Go-Tcha without going into settings, ejecting/unpairing the Go-Tcha, restarting the game, then going through the whole process again.
    Still, it’s worth it.

    Just be careful not to lose the Go-Tcha as they can sometimes pop out of the wrist band.

  3. does the Gotcha also only throws 1 red ball and the pokemon escapes other wise?

  4. No, Tries till it catches

  5. I am playing the game without catching any Pokemon only hatching eggs and giving gifts. Will this device help with hatching eggs? I have a bet with the kids in my Scout Troop that I can level up without enslaving a single Pokemon just raising them from hatchlings.

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  7. Will this device become useless if I run out of red balls, or it will use blue/yellow balls as well?

  8. Prioritizing Pokémon catch is a con. Spinning spends less time and is necessary for having enough Poké Balls, otherwise the game gets stuck with the Pokémon around even when there are Pokéstops nearby that could be spun to keep catching. If they fixed this, I would buy it.

  9. Does it also collect candy from your buddy?

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