As we already know a few days Back Nintendo Announced the upcoming Pokemon Series – Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! along with the New accessory Pokeball Plus.

But what is very interesting is the announcement by Nintendo during their conference at E3 2018 – “The Mythical Pokemon Mew will come exclusively with every Pokeball Plus and can join you on your journey through PokemonLetsGo!”

What is Poke Ball Plus?

Pokeball Plus is a new toy in the town and this Poke sized ball is made for more than one game – both the Pokemon: Let’s Go game for Nintendo Switch and the mobile game Pokemon GO! This controller works different ways for each game and has more one thing to do.

After hearing this we surely know that you want to know more about it, price, availability, features and we already have a detailed post about it and answering all the  related questions 🙂

FAQ: What the Heck is Pokemon Poke Ball Plus?