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The Mythical Pokémon Mew will come exclusively with every Poke Ball Plus

As we already know a few days Back Nintendo Announced the upcoming Pokemon Series – Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! along with the New accessory Pokeball Plus. But what is very interesting is the announcement by Nintendo during their conference… Continue Reading →

Special Research: Raid Battle Trick to Save Raid Passes

Trainers, In order to get Mew, you need to complete 8 Special Research tasks and objectives. One of them is to Battle in 2 raids and Battle in 10 raids. Battling in 12 raids is a too tedious task and seems to spend… Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go Quests: Special Research – A Mythical Discovery of Mew Stages and Rewards

Trainers, A Mythical Discovery is a Special Research stage which leads to the discovery of Mythical Pokemon Mew. The Mythical Discovery is of 8 Stages and at the end of each Pokemon rewards are provided. This page lists all the stages… Continue Reading →

Moltres as a Part of Quest rewards , Mew with 100% Catch Rate

Trainers, The new “Pokemon Research” feature is going live today, and as confirmed by the Japanese Pokemon Go website, Moltres is a part of the quest research reward. “Pokemon Research” is sure to bring a whole new level of excitement… Continue Reading →

Leak: Mew encounter screen on the Apple app store Pokemon Go Page

Trainers, Turn on your Hype Glasses! The Mythical Pokemon Mew is coming in Pokemon Go and this time it is not through Raid battles. Just a few hours ago on receiving the New Update, the Pokemon GO Apple app store got… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO 0.97.2 APK mine: Mew encounters, new badges, mythical Pokemon and a whole lot of quests

Trainers, Pokemon GO 0.97.2 APK mine is ready and it has brought the game to entirely different level with the addition of entire quest codebase back to the Pokemon GO’s release branch. Table of Content A special Mew Encounter Quest… Continue Reading →

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