Pokemon GO 0.97.2 APK mine is ready and it has brought the game to entirely different level with the addition of entire quest codebase back to the Pokemon GO’s release branch.

Table of Content

  • A special Mew Encounter
  • Quest requirements and types, new badges
  • Few new images and sound effects

A special Mew Encounter

According to the new codes, A Special Mew Encounter will start from 30th March and will be available for trainers who work to complete their Special quest by Professor Willow. Here’s what we found.


Quest requirements and types, new badges

New quest badges have appeared in the APK, and they are tied to the Quest Challenges.


We also found some preconditions for Quest challenges, it shows that some minimum condition is required for the quest challenges.


There are 16 different types of quests in the game right now!


Professor Willow has a full range of emotions that he can exhibit (up from Happy and Unset found in 0.91.1):


Few new images and sound effects

Professor Willow

Professor Foreground

New Quest Sprite Atlas

New Quest Sprite Atlas

Profesor Background

And the Loading Screen