Turn on your Hype glasses, Niantic just announced that Mythical Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO via Quests and really it’s amazing!

Here’s what we know till now:

Starting March 30, Pokémon GO Trainers will need to step up their game as the new research feature arrives.

A series of mysterious happenings is occurring all over the world, and Professor Willow is seeking Trainers to help him find out if this is connected to the Mythical Pokémon Mew

There are two different types of research you can contribute to:

  • Field Research tasks can be gathered by Spinning nearby PokeStops
    • Includes catch challenges, Gym battles, and raid scenarios
  • Special Research it may requested by Professor Willow himself

Both type of the Research will offer you great rewards which includes:

  • Useful items
  • Encounters with certain Pokémon (You may even have an encounter with a Legendary Pokémon)

Best part, You can complete as many research tasks as you want every day. These tasks also have different levels of difficulty, so the more challenging a research task is, the greater the reward waiting for you.

Here’s few preview shared by Niantic