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Feebas Research Day announced: shiny Feebas is coming!

Trainers, just a few hours ago Niantic announced a new event featuring the Fish Pokemon Feebas! On 19th of January (Europe, Americas, India, Greenland) and on January 20th 2019 (Asia-Pacific) players around the world will be able to participate in… Continue Reading →

June Water themed Field Research Quests – Encounter and Special Rewards

Trainers, Articuno is now available as a Field Research reward and In addition to Articuno, more WATER based Field Research quests are available at PokéStops around the world. This page lists all the new Confirmed field research with the lists of Rewards provided… Continue Reading →

Theory: Niantic’s Pattern reveal Probable Next Community day Pokemon

Trainers, Community days are one of the best events that Niantic has given the fans and we wish that they continue this trend in the upcoming years as well, Niantic ‘unleashes’ the shiny forms of that specific Pokemon and its… Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go Quests: 7-Day Research Breakthrough Reward Discovered

Trainers, As we all know the Pokemon Go received the quest update a few days ago and on completing the quest challenges trainers will receive a stamp each day and after completing the 7 stamps the trainer will receive a… Continue Reading →

Moltres as a Part of Quest rewards , Mew with 100% Catch Rate

Trainers, The new “Pokemon Research” feature is going live today, and as confirmed by the Japanese Pokemon Go website, Moltres is a part of the quest research reward. “Pokemon Research” is sure to bring a whole new level of excitement… Continue Reading →

Mythical Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO Quests: field and special research tasks

Trainers, Turn on your Hype glasses, Niantic just announced that Mythical Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO via Quests and really it’s amazing! Here’s what we know till now: Starting March 30, Pokémon GO Trainers will need to step up their game… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Next Update: Castform & Deoxys forms, news system and shiny list filter

Trainers, ZeChrales, one of the most active Network Traffic Analyser, just got the following info and updated on it Github Repo: Castform & Deoxys forms added News System Update Old Device Error Shiny Filter Castform & Deoxys forms added Castform… Continue Reading →

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