As we all know the Pokemon Go received the quest update a few days ago and on completing the quest challenges trainers will receive a stamp each day and after completing the 7 stamps the trainer will receive a breakthrough reward.

Some thrifty players from around the world figured out a way to set their phones time zone around +14 hours against GMT and therefore able to claim their tomorrows stamp now. By using these trick trainers around the world finished the seventh-day research task and which lead them to the Field Research Breakthrough.

Research Breakthrough Reward

Many trainers around the world have confirmed Moltres is a Field Research Breakthrough encounter with some additional rewards.

Additional Research Breakthrough rewards include the following items:

2000 Stardust3 Rare Candy3000 XP
5 Ultra Balls5 Pinab BerriesMoltres Encounter


Moltres Encounter Photo Proof attached at the end of the post. 

Here are the few details and facts we collected from the trainers about reward breakthrough.

  1. Moltres encounter will be like normal Pokemon encounter, unlike raid encounter you will be able to use the combination of any berries and Pokeball which will make it easier to capture.
  2. Many of the trainers reported the Moltres to be of Maximum level 15.
  3. Level 15 Moltres IVs range from 1222 CP to 1402 CP, but we’re not sure if this Moltres can go lower than 10 / 10 / 10 IVs, which translates to 1341 CP.

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