As we all know the new Quest update is live, and one of the Field Research tasks is catching a Ditto.

In case you are not aware of all Field research tasks Objectives and Rewards please refer our compiled guide

As we all know Ditto cannot be seen directly, as it is disguised as one of the other Pokemon as of now. So Ditto would be difficult!

After many reports and verification, we are on the list of Pokemon that transform in Ditto after the catch.

Pokemon GO ZubatZubat
Pokemon GO RattataRattata
Pokemon GO PidgeyPidgey
Pokemon GO GastlyGastly
Pokemon GO ZigzagoonZigzagoon
Pokemon GO GulpinGulpin
Pokemon GO TaillowTaillow
Pokemon GO SentretSentret
Pokemon GO HoothootHoothoot
Pokemon GO YanmaYanma
Pokemon GO WhismurWhismur


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We have created a Infographic which you can save 🙂

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