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Raid Boss List. This Page Dynamically Updates when a new update is available, Bookmark this page for future reference!

The Pokemon GO Raid Boss List shows Confirmed Raid Bosses. We are updating this table in real time as new info gets submitted by players or as new research material comes out.

Boss Tier

Raid Bosses have been categorized into 5 Different Tiers Ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 5. Each Level is Represented by different Eggs appearing on the Gym. While tier 1-2 Boss’s can be soloed, tier 3 Boss’s require at least 2-3 players and tier 4 Boss’s require at least 5 players. These are generalizations for the level 30 player and can depend on the Boss Pokemon or player’s level/Pokemon.

Table Key

Min CP66.7% IV Lvl 20/25
Max CP100% IV Lvl 20/25
Possibly Shiny
Currently not available in Game
Sunny/Clear Weather: Grass, Fire, Ground Boost
Rainy Weather: Water, Electric, Bug Boost
Partly Cloudy Weather: Normal, Rock Boost
Cloudly Weather: Fighting, Poison Boost
Windy Weather: Flying, Dragon, Psychic Boost
Snow Weather: Ice, Steel Boost
Fog Weather: Dark, Ghost Boost

Raid Boss List

Raid Boss List
Raid BossBoss TierBoss CPMin CP
Lvl 20/25
Max CP
Lvl 20/25
Weather Boosts

Pokemon GO IvysaurIvysaur

Pokemon GO CharmeleonCharmeleon5085 793/991 847/1060
Pokemon GO WartortleWartortle4503 705/881 756/945
Pokemon GO MetapodMetapod1534 209/262 239/299
Pokemon GO MagikarpMagikarp?1165 104/130 125/157
Pokemon GO WailmerWailmer3369756814
Pokemon GO SandslashSandslash


12312 1262/1577 1330/1663
Pokemon GO TentacruelTentacruel12190 1287/1608 1356/1695
Pokemon GO MagnetonMagneton141721208/1510 1278/1598
Pokemon GO CloysterCloyster15678 1338/1673 1414/1767 
Pokemon GO MarowakMarowak9891 908/1135 966/1208
Pokemon GO SableyeSableye?8266 694/868745/932
Pokemon GO MawileMawile?9403 848/1060 848/1060
Pokemon GO NinetalesNinetales


14914 1167/1459 1233/1541
Pokemon GO AlakazamAlakazam22646 1569/1961 1649/2062
Pokemon GO MachampMachamp18144 1574/1967 1650/2063
Pokemon GO GengarGengar19768 1420/1776 1496/1870
Pokemon GO ScytherScyther17358 1337/1671 1408/1760
Pokemon GO PorygonPorygon11419 840/1050 895/1120
Pokemon GO OmastarOmastar18915 1460/1825 1534/1918
Pokemon GO NidoqueenNidoqueen


23216 1267/1584 1336/1670
Pokemon GO NidokingNidoking24873 1294/1618 1363/1704
Pokemon GO PoliwrathPoliwrath24247 1325/1657 1395/1744
Pokemon GO VictreebelVictreebel23780 1228/1535 1296/1620
Pokemon GO GolemGolem30572 1589/1987 1666/2083
Pokemon GO LaprasLapras21768 1414/1768 1487/1859
Pokemon GO SnorlaxSnorlax25419 1833/2292 1917/2396
Pokemon GO TyranitarTyranitar34707 2011/2514 2097/2621
Pokemon GO AbsolAbsol?26262 1232/1540 1303/1629
Pokemon GO AggronAggron3345816361716
Pokemon GO ArticunoArticuno★★★★★37603 1599/1999 1676/2095
Pokemon GO ZapdosZapdos42691 1820/2275 1902/2378
Pokemon GO MoltresMoltres41953 1788/2235 1870/2337
Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwo49430 2184/27302275/2844
Pokemon GO MewMew37733 1687/2104 1766/2202
Pokemon GO RaikouRaikou429321831/2289 1913/2392
Pokemon GO EnteiEntei38628 1847/2309 1930/2412
Pokemon GO SuicuneSuicune34471 1538/19221613/2016
Pokemon GO LugiaLugia42753 1969/2462 2056/2570
Pokemon GO Ho-OhHo-Oh48276 2133/2667 2222/2778
Pokemon GO CelebiCelebi37726 1687/2104 1766/2202Under Research
Pokemon GO GroudonGroudon59505 2236/2796 2328/2910
Pokemon GO KyogreKyogre519682236/27962328/2910