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Exciting Reveals: Pokémon GO Community Days for January and February 2024

The Pokémon Company International has unveiled the lineup for the first Pokémon GO Community Days of 2024. Trainers around the world can look forward to a mix of classics and community favourites, with a special spotlight on three unique Pokémon… Continue Reading →

Exciting Leaks and Reveals for December 2023 and January 2024 in Pokémon GO!

Trainers, get ready for an electrifying end to the year and a fantastic start to the next as we bring you the latest leaks and reveals for December and January in Pokémon GO. From new Pokémon debuts to shiny releases,… Continue Reading →

November’s Pokémon GO Extravaganza: Leaks and Previews of Upcoming Events and Pokémon Debuts!

Pokemon GO trainers, get ready for a flurry of thrilling upcoming events and exciting new Pokemon debuts, as leaks hint at what’s to come in the ever-evolving world of Pokemon GO. These leaks come from a trusted source on the… Continue Reading →

Leaks: Exciting October and November 2023 Pokemon GO Events and Debuts Revealed

Get ready, Trainers! We’ve got some exciting leaks and inside information about upcoming events and new Pokemon debuts that are set to take the Pokemon GO world by storm. These leaks come from a trusted source on the Silph Road… Continue Reading →

Leak: Ultra Bonus for the Pokemon GO Anniversary and GO Battle Weekend

Hi Trainers, As we all know Pokemon GO had announced a global challenge to defeat 15,000,000 Team Rocket GO to unlock upgraded events in the recent Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin event. And it was great to work, Trainers! Together, We’ve… Continue Reading →

Mega Evolve Pokemon without Mega Energy, Mega Levels and Additional Mega Bonuses are coming in Pokemon GO

Hi Trainers, Recently it has been found that Niantic has pushed a lot of new updates regarding “Mega Evolution” in the network traffic and assets update in the new APK 0.235.0! Data Miners have found a complete Mega Evolution system… Continue Reading →

Leak: Native refresh rate, Hoopa Unbound, Giovanni’s return and new Shadow Pokémon found in the Network Traffic

Trainers, Turn on your Hype glasses, A new version of the Pokemon GO text update has been pushed in the Pokemon GO Network suggesting new Giovanni’s return along with a new shadow legendary, hints for the Hoopa Unbound and a… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO 0.211.0 APK Breakdown: Raid Stadium, Planets, Pikachu Forms, New Achievements, Loading Screen and much more

Trainers, A new version of Pokemon GO 0.211.0 is rolling out slowly for Android and Data Miners have found a lot of new upcoming updates and statement this as the largest update so far in terms of code changes and… Continue Reading →

Leak: Swablu Community Day found in the Network Traffic

Trainers, A new version of Pokemon GO text update has been pushed in the Pokemon GO Network suggesting May community Day will be none other than none other than the Cotton Bird Pokémon Swablu. Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report, If you… Continue Reading →

Leak: Power up Pokestops tutorial spotted in Pokémon GO’s network traffic

Trainers, Turn your Hype glasses on and free up your bag storage, After a very long we will be soon getting a new feature in Pokemon GO which will be targeting the PokeStops! Data Miners have found a set of… Continue Reading →

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