Hi Trainers, Recently it has been found that Niantic has pushed a lot of new updates regarding “Mega Evolution” in the network traffic and assets update in the new APK 0.235.0!

Data Miners have found a complete Mega Evolution system with different ways to Mega Evolve, Mega Evolution levels, Additional Bonuses and much more…

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  • Let’s GO Mega (Introduction to the new system)
  • Mega Levels
  • Mega Leveling up
  • Daily Mega Level Limit
  • Mega Transfer Warning
  • Mega Rest Periods
  • Free Mega Evolutions
  • Mega Perks
  • Mega Evolution in Lobby
  • New Mega Evolution Assets

Let’s GO Mega

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_hero_title
TEXT: Let’s GO Mega!

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page1_body
• You can now Mega Evolve a Pokémon without using Mega Energy.
• You can still use Mega Energy to Mega Evolve a Pokémon during its rest period.
• New bonuses have been added that strengthen your bond with your Pokémon the more it Mega Evolves.

Let’s GO Mega will be the Introduction to the new Mega System, The New System texts confirms that the trainers will be able to Mega Evolve without Mega Energy and Mega energy can be used to Mega evolve a Pokémon during its rest period.

Mega Levels

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page5_title
TEXT: Mega Level

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_up_title
TEXT: Mega Level Up!

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page5_body
TEXT: Each Mega-Evolved Pokémon has a Mega Level. When a Pokémon’s Mega Level increases, you’ll get increased bonuses while the Pokémon is Mega Evolved, and the period you’ll have to wait before you can Mega Evolve the Pokémon again will be shorter. Your Pokémon’s Mega Level increases each time the Pokémon Mega Evolves.

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_1
TEXT: Base Level

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_2
TEXT: High Level

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_3
TEXT: Max Level

New Mega Levels will be introduced with the new update, Each levels will have additional bonuses and shorter rest periods.

There will be 3 levels:

  • Base
  • High
  • Max

Mega Leveling up

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_show_me_button
TEXT: Show Me

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_header
TEXT: {0}’s Mega Level

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_unlock_prompt
TEXT: Tap to view Mega Level

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_requirement_message
TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} {1} more times to reach {2}!

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_requirement_message_singular
TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} {1} more time to reach {2}!

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_unlock_title
TEXT: You can now increase the Mega Level of this Pokémon!

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_up_message
TEXT: {0}’s Mega Level increased!

Leveling up Mega will require certain number of Mega Evolutions, There will be screen where you will be able to view the Mega Level and number of Mega Evolutions required to level up.

Daily Mega Level Limit

RESOURCE ID: mega_daily_limit_description
TEXT: {0}’s Mega Level cannot increase further today.

RESOURCE ID: mega_daily_limit_header
TEXT: Daily Level Limit Met

There will be daily limit on the Mega Level.

Mega Transfer Warning

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_transfer_confirmation
TEXT: This Pokémon has an increased Mega Level. Do you still want to transfer it?

RESOURCE ID: batch_transfer_unique_mega_level_pokemon
TEXT: {0} Mega-Leveled Pokémon

Like the costume Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon warnings, there will be warning when you try to transfer a Mega leveled Pokemon.

Mega Rest Periods

RESOURCE ID: mega_cooldown_countdown_description 
TEXT: Rest Period 

RESOURCE ID: mega_active_countdown_description 
TEXT: Remaining Mega Evolution Period

RESOURCE ID: mega_countdown_day_and_hour
TEXT: {0} Day {1} Hour

RESOURCE ID: mega_countdown_day_and_hours
TEXT: {0} Day {1} Hours

RESOURCE ID: mega_countdown_days
TEXT: {0} Days

RESOURCE ID: mega_countdown_days_and_hour
TEXT: {0} Days {1} Hour

RESOURCE ID: mega_countdown_days_and_hours
TEXT: {0} Days {1} Hours

RESOURCE ID: mega_countdown_days_singular
TEXT: {0} Day

The Mega Cooldown is the rest period which gets activated after a Mega Evolve, during this period trainers won’t be able to Mega Evolve without Energy. According to the texts it seems the rest period will be at least a day in the Base Mega Level.

Free Mega Evolutions

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page2_title
TEXT: Two Ways to Mega Evolve

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_unlock_message
TEXT: You can Mega Evolve without Mega Energy and enjoy additional bonuses

RESOURCE ID: mega_evolve_preview_first_time
TEXT: After you Mega Evolve a Pokémon for the first time, you can Mega Evolve it again without Mega Energy after a rest period.

After a Pokémon Mega Evolves, you’ll need to wait a while before it can Mega Evolve again without using Mega Energy. You can also use Mega Energy to Mega Evolve your Pokémon before then.

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page2_body
TEXT: Using Mega Energy
You can always Mega Evolve a Pokémon using Mega Energy even if the Pokémon is in a rest period. The Mega Energy required to do so will depend on the length of the rest period.

Your Pokémon will need to rest after Mega Evolving without using Mega Energy. A Pokémon’s rest periods will become shorter the more it Mega Evolves.

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page4_title
TEXT: Rest Periods

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page4_body
TEXT: After Mega Evolving, your Pokémon will be fatigued and need time before it can Mega Evolve again without using Mega Energy. You can always Mega Evolve a Pokémon using Mega Energy, even during a rest period.
• A Pokémon’s rest periods will become shorter the more it Mega Evolves.
• The Mega Energy required to Mega Evolve a Pokémon will decrease as the Pokémon’s rest period becomes shorter.

You need to Mega evolve a Pokémon with Mega energy once, and then after that, You will be able to Mega evolve it for free once the Mega rest period has run out.

Mega Perks

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page1_title
TEXT: Mega Evolution Features

RESOURCE ID: mega_perks_header
TEXT: Mega Evolution Bonuses

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_up_perk_message
TEXT: Your Pokémon can now Mega Evolve faster without using Mega Energy!

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_cooldown_days
TEXT: {0}-day Mega Evolution rest period

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_cooldown_days_singular
TEXT: {0}-day Mega Evolution rest period

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_reduced_energy
TEXT: Reduced Mega Energy to Mega Evolve

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_reduced_energy_great
TEXT: Greatly Reduced Mega Energy Cost

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_reduced_energy_excellent
TEXT: Massively Reduced Mega Energy Cost

RESOURCE ID: mega_level_tutorial_page6_title
TEXT: Catch Bonuses

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_xl_bonus_great
TEXT: Great Candy XL Chance

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_xl_bonus_excellent
TEXT: Excellent Candy XL Chance

RESOURCE ID: tips_raid_tutorial_mega_attack_boost_title
TEXT: Mega Attack Boost

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_attack_boost
TEXT: Boosted Ally Attacks

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_candy_bonus
TEXT: Catch Candy Bonus

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_candy_bonus_excellent
TEXT: Great Candy Catch Bonus

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_catch_xp_bonus
TEXT: Catch XP Bonus

RESOURCE ID: mega_perk_catch_xp_bonus_excellent
TEXT: Great Catch Xp Bonus

There are lots of New Additional Bonuses are coming up with the Mega Levels, The bonuses includes:

  • Reduced Mega Energy Cost
  • Catch Bonuses
  • Great Candy XL Chance
  • Excellent Candy XL Chance
  • Mega Attack Boost
  • Boosted Ally Attacks
  • Catch Candy Bonus
  • Great Candy Catch Bonus
  • Catch XP Bonus
  • Great Catch Xp Bonus

Mega Evolution in Lobby

RESOURCE ID: mega_evolve_energy_prompt
TEXT: Tap to Mega Evolve!

RESOURCE ID: mega_evolve_free_prompt
TEXT: Tap to Mega Evolve!

RESOURCE ID: mega_evolve_lobby_toast
TEXT: Select a Pokémon to Mega Evolve!

RESOURCE ID: mega_evolve_pokemon
TEXT: Mega Evolve {0}

Finally the feature everyone was waiting for, With the new update coming you will be able to Mega Evolve a Pokemon in the raid lobby!

New Mega Evolution Assets

New Mega Assets have been added in the Pokemon GO new update, It includes New Legendary Egg, Mega Evolution Tutorial, Cooldown Timer and Bonuses Icons.

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report, If you haven’t followed them on Twitter, Do follow them, they do incredible work!

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