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All the leaks of the Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO 0.191.0: Level 41+, Generation 6 Kalos, Pokémon Home Support, XL Candy and much more!

Trainers, Pokemon GO 0.191.0 has rolled out successfully and has brought lots of quality of life updates along with that it has also brought many new additions behind the curtain. This new update has a lot of new code supporting… Continue Reading →

Leak: Strange Eggs, Team GO Rocket Special Research, Shadow Mewtwo Reward, Mega Aerodactyl and much more…

Trainers, We know how much you’re excited hearing the Strange Eggs and the Shadow Mewtwo again. A new version of Pokemon GO assets and text update has been pushed in the Pokemon GO Network suggesting Strange Eggs, An Inter-egg-sting Development Special… Continue Reading →

Leak: A Mega Discovery Research, Invite Locked Raids, Mega Energy and Much More about Megas

Trainers, Recently Niantic had released 0.185.0 which contained the existence of Mega Evolution code and now Niantic has pushed some text updates in the GAME_MASTER which contains a lot of details for the upcoming Mega Evolution, Special Research and much… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO 0.185.0: Mega Raids, Mega Evolution, Mega Quests and Much More about Mega

Trainers, It’s a Mega Day! A new version of Pokemon GO 0.185.0 is rolling out slowly for Android and Data Miners have found Mega Raids, Mega Evolution’s, Mega Quest and much more… It’s all about the Mega’s and few bug… Continue Reading →

Leak: Shadow Mewtwo, Rocket Special Research, New Costume Pokemon, Event Stickers and much more during GO Fest 2020

Trainers, GO Fest 2020 will be starting on 25th July and Niantic have already started preparing for it. New texts and assets have found suggesting Legendary Birds encounter from Team GO Rocket Leaders, Shadow Mewtwo debut, New Costume Pokemon, New… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO 0.181.0: New Loading Screen, New Forms, Victini, Challenge Hub and Much More

Trainers, A new version of Pokemon GO 0.181.0 is rolling slowly for Android bringing new Loading Screen, Data Mine report suggests new Galarian forms are coming along with few other features like for GO Fest Challenge Hub, Dynamic Game Master… Continue Reading →

Jessie and James with their Meowth Balloon are coming in Pokemon GO

Trainers, Prepare for trouble, The Original Pokemon series Jessie and James are now coming in Pokemon GO along with their Meowth Balloon. According to the reports from PokeMiners, Jessie and James Text along with assets have been pushed in the… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Team Go Rocket Balloon Invasion

Trainers, A New way of Team GO Rocket Invasion is coming in Pokemon GO and It is like the original Pokemon TV Series where Jessie and James used to invade. A new version of Pokemon GO 0.179.0 is rolling out… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO: Pinsir Raid Day, Latias Latios Special Weekend and More

Trainers, Pokemon GO has pushed some new updates in the background. The update includes Pinsir Raid Day, Latias Latios Special Weekend and much more… Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report! Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report: Pinsir Raid Day… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO: Friend Online Status, Seedot Quests, Type-Specific GBL Cups and much more

Trainer, Pokemon GO has pushed some new updates in the background. The update includes Friend Online Status text, Type-specific GBL Cups text, Gym tags, it also includes spoilers to the upcoming Seedot Community Day Special research and much more.. Credits… Continue Reading →

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