All the leaks of the Pokemon Go

Leak: Team Medallion Coin is Coming in Pokemon GO

Trainers, a new update is already out for android with lots of bugs, keeping that aside our all-time active Data miner Chrales found something unique in the new APK package. Hold on your seats, Here’s what he found! Team Medallion… Continue Reading →

Smeargle teasers spotted on Pokemon GO’s official social media!

Trainers, something strange is going on with Pokemon GO’s Social media account! The two recent images released on the Social media accounts show some type of Green Paint brush effect which hints towards the long overdue Generation 2 Painter Pokemon… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO: Friendship Weekend Event from Feb 8. to Feb 11.

Trainers, Save your Special Trades until after the event starts to save Stardust, Niantic has announced an another Mini Event for this friendship weekend! Starting from February 8 1 PM PST until February 11, 2019, a Special Friendship weekend will… Continue Reading →

New Gen 4 sprites, Raichu Christmas costumes and Meltan Box buffed

Trainers, it is a slow week no events, maybe on 13th December trainers of Level 40 will enjoy the biggest update with there friends, but we found new leaks for all the trainers, and it’s about some new Pokemon in… Continue Reading →

Trainers Battle Video Preview and 3 New Pokemon Release Leak

Trainers, The Trainers battle is finally coming to Pokemon GO and we know how much excited you all would be! Trainer Battles feature a handful of new mechanics, including Protect Shield, a second charge move, charging up and swapping Pokemon in and out of… Continue Reading →

Leak: Sinnoh Stone discovered in Pokemon GO network traffic

Trainers, there’s has been a new discovery in the network traffic by our famous Network Traffic Analyser Chrales and it indicates a new evolution item is on it’s way to Pokemon GO. Currently only Sinnoh Stone name and description were… Continue Reading →

New Gen IV sprites Leaked, Blast Burn Typhlosion, new Shiny Pokemon and much more

Trainers, It’s been long we haven’t seen any update on Pokemon GO, and today there’s a flood of new contents hitting the game, New Gen IV, Shiny Pokemon, Shirts, sales and much more.. New Gen IV Pokemon sprites added As… Continue Reading →

Leak: Halloween 2018 Event Quests, Items and Special Research Message discovered in Network Traffic

Trainers, It’s being a normal day and out of nowhere Niantic woke up with one sole thing in mind, Bidoof and While everyone is celebrating this Appreciation day with Niatic, our famous Network Traffic Analyzers are busy hunting some Halloween… Continue Reading →

Gen IV Pokemon Discovered in the Network Traffic and New Stats Re-balance Chart with Max CP

Trainers, Turn your Hype Glasses on and Free up your storage to register some new Pokémon originally from the Sinnoh region! A lot of happened in the past few hours, the hype train is ready for departure, not only we saw… Continue Reading →

Leak: Deoxys EX Raid and Beldum Community Day

Trainers, two major leaks have happened in the past 24 hours and it’s about the EX Raid and the October Community day. So without adding further ado, let’s begin the revealing. Deoxy EX Raid Boss Update: Many users are now… Continue Reading →

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