Trainers, A new version of Pokemon GO 0.205.0 is rolling out slowly for Android and Data Miners have found a lot of new upcoming Mega Evolution forms including Mega Mewtwo, Mega Rayquaza and a new wave of Gen 6 Pokemon.

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report, If you haven’t followed them on Twitter, Do follow them, they do incredible work!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  1. New Upcoming Gen 6 Pokemon Wave
  2. New Mega Assets
  3. New Mega Assets (Only 3D Models)

New Upcoming Gen 6 Pokemon Wave

Get ready for a new wave of Pokemon, A Lot of new Gen 6 Pokemon assets has been found in the new version.

The New Pokemon assets also include the Gen 6 Legendary Pokemon Xerneas and few other Pokemon which are spotted in the recent loading screen.

Here’s the infographic of all the Gen 6 Pokemon assets found:

New Mega Assets

You like Mewtwo, but have you saved candies for the Mega Form? Get Ready for some Mega Forms including some Mega Legendaries, A Lot of new Mega Pokemon have been added in the new APK and we can expect a new wave!

Here’s the list of Mega Forms found:

  • Mega Kangaskhan
  • Mega Pinsir
  • Mega Aerodactly
  • Mega Mewtwo X
  • Mega Mewtwo Y
  • Mega Sableye
  • Mega Mawile
  • Mega Sharpedo
  • Mega Banette
  • Mega Rayquaza

New Mega Forms (Only 3D Models)

A another set of Mega Forms have been found in the APK which only includes the 3D Models and missing the 2D Icons.

Here’s the list of Mega Forms found with only 3D Models:

  • Mega Alakazam
  • Mega Scizor
  • Mega Heracross
  • Mega Tyranitar
  • Mega Sceptile
  • Mega Swampert
  • Mega Gardevoir
  • Mega Medicham
  • Mega Altaria
  • Mega Absol
  • Mega Latias
  • Mega Latios
  • Mega Garchamp
  • Mega Lucario
  • Mega Audino
r/TheSilphRoad - New Assets - More Megas (3D Only)

Note: Everything in this article is datamined, and therefore subject to be changed or not even being released at all.

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