Trainers, Recently Niantic had released 0.185.0 which contained the existence of Mega Evolution code and now Niantic has pushed some text updates in the GAME_MASTER which contains a lot of details for the upcoming Mega Evolution, Special Research and much more…

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report, If you haven’t followed them on Twitter, Do follow them, they do incredible work!

Please be aware that this information is NOT ENDORSED OR CONFIRMED BY NIANTIC and is subject to change. Datamining can be unpredictable and information shared through these channels should be taken with a grain of salt!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  • Mega Beedrill Research and Mega Evolution Introduction Dialogues
  • Mega Energy
  • Mega Raids
  • Raid Restrictions
  • Mega Quests
  • Badges Details
  • Mega Events

Mega Beedrill Research and Mega Evolution Introduction

Pokemon 10015 Shiny Mega Beedrill Pokedex: Evolution, Moves ...
RESOURCE ID: quest_title_megabee_0 
TEXT: A Mega Discovery (1/4)

Keep your best Beedrill ready, We’ll be getting a new 4 stage special research which involves the Mega Beedrill. This special research seems to be our first face-off to Mega Evolutions. Along with the special research few dialogues have been found which introduces to the Mega Evolutions, Mega Energy and their restrictions.

Introduction Dialogues

Mega Energy to evolve

Each Capable Pokemon will have their own Mega Energy and Mega Energy will be used to evolve to Mega form.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_2 
TEXT: I see you were able to get some Beedrill Mega Energy, my theory there is Mega Energy for different Pokémon and that each Pokémon needs a certain amount of Mega Energy to Mega Evolve.

Temporary State

As we mentioned in our previous article, Mega Evolve forms are temporary and will be de-evolved once Mega Energy gets depleted.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_3 
TEXT: It also seems to be a temporary state where the Pokémon seem to return to normal once the Mega Energy is depleted.

Buddy Level Matters!

Feed your Kanto buddies! The amount of Mega Energy required will decrease over time and will depend on your bond with the Pokemon.

Tip: Find our best Charizard to play and feed!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_4 
TEXT: At first it may be difficult to gather all the Mega Energy needed to Mega evolve, but it seems that the amount of Mega Energy you need to gather is reduced over time.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_5 TEXT: 
Maybe it’s because of the bond you have with your Pokémon?

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_2_3 
TEXT: Now, I’m sure you are going to ask “Professor Willow, how do I get more Mega Energy?”

Mega Energy from Mega Raids

The Best Kanto Starter Mega Evolution? | Pokémon Amino

Mega Energy can be obtained through Mega Raids and maybe few other sources, which aren’t found yet in the text.

It seems that Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise will be first Pokemon to entry Mega Raids.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_2_4 
TEXT: Well, don’t worry, Trainer. It appears as though Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise are appearing to challenge in Mega Raids all around the world.

Mega Forms Benefits?

There will be some sort of Benefits in bringing the Mega Evolved forms in Raid for everyone participating in the raid.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_2_5
TEXT: Why don’t you bring along your Mega Beedrill to battle them? There seem to be many benefits to bringing your Mega Evolved Pokémon into Raids for both you and your fellow Trainers.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_2_6
TEXT: I’m curious to see what kind of effect the Mega Evolved Pokémon have on other Pokémon when they battle together. Why don’t you give it a try!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_3_0
TEXT: I dare say, this was a successful research project! It looks like you were able to acquire some Mega Energy by battling those Mega-Evolved Pokémon!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_3_1
TEXT: This should serve as a valuable resource. I’ve documented that Raiding isn’t the only thing you and your Mega Pokémon can do together.

Mega Energy other sources

Raiding isn’t the only source of Mega Energy! You’ll be able to get Mega Energy by taking Gyms, batting other trainer, defeating Team GO Rocket and by taking some snapshots!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_3_2
TEXT: I hope to see many of you taking on Gyms, battling each other and Team GO Rocket, and of course taking some GO Snapshots to send back to yours truly.

No Entry for Mega Evolved Forms!

Initially Mega Evolved forms will be restricted in the GO Battle Leagues.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_3_3 
TEXT: I will note that these are extremely powerful Pokémon, and for the sake of keeping some activities you do as Trainers fair and balanced, I think it best that for the time being we don’t bring our new friends into GO Battle League just yet, at least until more research is done.

Mega Energy

You will also get Mega Energy from Daily Bonus Research and Field Reseach!

RESOURCE ID: beedrill_mega_energy_bonus_research 
TEXT: Daily Bonus Research rewarding Beedrill Mega Energy 

RESOURCE ID: beedrill_mega_energy_field_research 
TEXT: Field Research rewarding Beedrill Mega Energy

It seems you won’t be able to hold a lots of energy!

RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_above_cap 
TEXT: You have reached the maximum amount of Mega Energy. 

RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_cap 
TEXT: You can collect up to {0} Mega Energy. 

RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_cap_singular 
TEXT: You can collect 1 Mega Energy. 

RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_not_awarded 
TEXT: You received only {0} Mega Energy from this raid because you have reached the maximum of {1}. 

RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_not_awarded_singular 
TEXT: You received only 1 Mega Energy from this raid because you have reached the maximum of {0}.

Mega Raids

Remember the benefit in the dialogue? It appears that Mega Evolved forms will increase the damage of other Pokemon in Raids of some specific type.

RESOURCE ID: mega_type_attacks_boosted_msg 
TEXT: {0}-type attacks are now boosted!

Raid Restrictions

Oh god, why you do this Niantic! According to the text, you cannot invite friends to Raid Battles against certain Legendary, regional, or event Pokémon.

Currently the list is unknown, hope Niantic doens’t include Mega Raids in them!

RESOURCE ID: invitations_not_available_special_desc 
TEXT: You cannot invite friends to Raid Battles against certain Legendary, regional, or event Pokémon. 

RESOURCE ID: invitations_not_available_special_title 
TEXT: Cannot Invite Friends to This Raid

Mega Quests

There will be some quests for Mega Evolving Pokemon.

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_blastoise 
TEXT: Mega Evolve a Blastoise 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_charizard 
TEXT: Mega Evolve a Charizard 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_venusaur 
TEXT: Mega Evolve a Venusaur 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_plural 
TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} Pokémon 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_singular 
TEXT: Mega Evolve a Pokémon

Few sets of quests for Participating the Mega Raids

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_join_raid_plural 
TEXT: Battle in {0} Mega Raids 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_join_raid_singular 
TEXT: Battle in a Mega Raid 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_win_raid_plural 
TEXT: Win {0} Mega Raids 

RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_win_raid_singular 
TEXT: Win a Mega Raid

Mega Badges

Successor Badge

A New successor badge is coming which can be obtained on the number of Mega Evolve.

RESOURCE ID: badge_total_mega_evos_singular 
TEXT: Mega Evolve a Pokémon {0} time. 

RESOURCE ID: badge_total_mega_evos_title 
TEXT: Successor

Evolution Guru Badge

Evolution Guru will be rewarded for the total number of unique Mega Evolved forms!

RESOURCE ID: badge_unique_mega_evos 
TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} different species of Pokémon. 

RESOURCE ID: badge_unique_mega_evos_singular 
TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} Pokémon. 

RESOURCE ID: badge_unique_mega_evos_title 
TEXT: Mega Evolution Guru

Mega Events

A lots of Bonus text has been found in the Today’s view suggesting some Mega Event and rewards associated with it!

RESOURCE ID: mega_battle_event 
TEXT: Mega Battle Challenge 

RESOURCE ID: mega_buddy_event 
TEXT: Mega Buddy Challenge 

RESOURCE ID: mega_duration_triple 
TEXT: 3× Mega form duration

RESOURCE ID: mega_raid_event 
TEXT: Mega Raids Challenge 

RESOURCE ID: mega_raids_increase 
TEXT: Increased number of raids

RESOURCE ID: mega_raid_event 
TEXT: Mega Raids Challenge 

RESOURCE ID: mega_raids_increase 
TEXT: Increased number of raids

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