ZeChrales, one of the most active Network Traffic Analyser, just got the following info and updated on it Github Repo:

  1. Castform & Deoxys forms added
  2. News System Update
  3. Old Device Error
  4. Shiny Filter

Castform & Deoxys forms added

Castform and Deoxys forms have been added in the update

  • “form_normal” “Normal”
  • “form_sun” “Sunny”
  • “form_rain” “Rainy”
  • “form_snow” “Snowy”
  • “form_defense” “Defense
  • “form_attack” “Attack”
  • “form_speed” “Speed”
  • “form_deoxys_normal” “Normal”
Castform forms Pokemon Go

Castform different forms

Deoxy Different Forms

Deoxy different Forms

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News System

The News System has been added to the code

  • “news_see_details” “See Details”
  • “news_today” “Today”
  • “news_yesterday” “Yesterday”
  • “news_days_ago” “{0} Days Ago”

Pokemon GO Discussion? Official Niantic news and Updates, Infographics? – Join Pokemon Go – WorldWide Niantic News Update

Error for Unsupported Devices

As we all know, Pokemon GO will be not working for some version Apple devices, error for the same have been added in the code

  • “error_device_unsupported” “Unsupported Device”
  • “view_supported_devices” “Go To Help Center”
  • “device_unsupported_explanation” “Pokémon GO no longer supports your device. Please visit our Help Center for information on which devices are compatible with Pokémon GO.”

Shiny filter

Finally, the new filter option is added (Shiny Filter)

  • “filter_key_shiny” “shiny”

Full Changes can be found at ZeCharles Github Repository.

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