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Deoxys is officially coming to Pokemon GO’s EX Raid system

Trainers, after a series of leaks yesterday, Niantic has officially confirmed Dexoys Normal Form will be the next EX Raid Boss. The Dates are still not clear from when the New EX Raid invites will be sent, but here’s some… Continue Reading →

Leak: Deoxys EX Raid and Beldum Community Day

Trainers, two major leaks have happened in the past 24 hours and it’s about the EX Raid and the October Community day. So without adding further ado, let’s begin the revealing. Deoxy EX Raid Boss Update: Many users are now… Continue Reading →

New Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokemon Discovered in Pokemon Go Network Traffic

Trainers, This is not a drill, hold on to your seats as we are revealing one of the most exciting discoveries made by ZeChrales in the Pokemon GO network traffic. ZeChrales found normal and shiny models of most unreleased Gen 2 and… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Next Update: Castform & Deoxys forms, news system and shiny list filter

Trainers, ZeChrales, one of the most active Network Traffic Analyser, just got the following info and updated on it Github Repo: Castform & Deoxys forms added News System Update Old Device Error Shiny Filter Castform & Deoxys forms added Castform… Continue Reading →

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