Everyone is wondering after the recent announcement of the Pokeball Plus and having questions what the heck it is and how it’ll work in Pokemon Go and other Pokemon Games. To answer all the questions we have compiled a brief guide about the all-new Pokeball Plus.

Poke ball plus

Poke Ball Plus

What is Poke Ball Plus?

Pokeball Plus is a new toy in the town and this Poke sized ball is made for more than one game – both the Pokemon: Let’s Go game for Nintendo Switch and the mobile game Pokemon GO! This controller works different ways for each game and has more one thing to do.

How will Poke Ball Plus work with Pokemon Go?

TL;DR – It’s just same old toy for Pokemon Go, just got a new bulky form with shorter battery life!

It’s just the same old toy! Just like with Pokémon GO Plus, you can use your Poké Ball Plus when playing Pokémon GO on a compatible smartphone to help you search for Pokémon and catch it.

You can play Pokemon Go without looking at the screen when a Pokemon appears it will blink and vibrate, on pressing the simple button it will throw a virtual Poke ball in the game and will notify with different colors of light if it’s caught.

As long as your Poké Ball Plus is connected to your smartphone and the Pokémon GO app, it will also count your steps so you can hatch Eggs and get Candy for your Buddy Pokémon.

How will Poke Ball Plus work for Let’s Go Game?

For Let’s Go Game it is completely different!

Poké Ball Plus works like a Joy-Con™ controller with the Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! games for Nintendo Switch™.

You can Move, battle, navigate menus using the all-new Poke Ball Plus.

Catching a Pokemon 

Poké Ball Plus has motion control capability, so when a wild Pokémon appears, ready a Poké Ball and try to catch the Pokémon by moving your Poké Ball Plus like you’re throwing it.

Lights, sounds, action!

When you catch a Pokémon, your Poké Ball Plus will light up and vibrate in your hand, and you’ll hear the Pokémon let out its unique cry—you’ll think there’s really a Pokémon inside!

When will Poke Ball Plus available for sale?

This device will be released at the same time as the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go games. That’ll be on November 16th, 2018. Right in time to get all your buddies a Pokeball for the holidays.

From Where Can I Purchase it?

Currently, Nintendo has Mentioned Amazon as the Retail Partner, the product is already up in the Amazon

How much Poke Ball Plus cost?

It’ll cost around $45, and the Pokemon Pokeball Plus only lasts for 3 hours at a time.

Poke Ball Plus in Action!

Start at 1:33

Poke Ball Plus Full Specifications and Product Details?

Poke ball plus details

Poke ball plus details

Name:Poké Ball Plus
On sale:Available November 16, 2018
Package contents:Poké Ball Plus, USB charging cable, warranty
Size:48mm diameter (not including protruding parts)
Weight:Approx. 65g
Internal battery:Lithium Ion 220 mAh*
*Battery is not removable. If replacement is necessary, it can be replaced through the Nintendo service center (online) for a fee.
Battery life:Approx. 3 hours. (can be charged using the Nintendo Switch AC adapter HAC-002)
Sensors:Accelerometer, gyro sensor
Other functions:Vibration, sounds
Sold by:Nintendo

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