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Niantic reveals Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus event: Kanto Regionals, Legendary and Mewtwo

Trainers, Niantic has finally lifted up the curtains and revealed the massive ultra bonus, we’re sure you are gonna like it a lot! The Ultra Bonus has 3 Major Events: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres Legendary Raids Mewtwo in raid battles… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Zapdos Day announced with A shiny Zapdos and Thunder Shock

Trainers, Players will have a chance to catch themselves a Shiny Zapdos with Thunder Shock on the appropriately named Zapdos Day, July 21. Announced by Niantic, the next themed Raid Day for Pokemon Go is the Zapdos Raid Day – which will of course give… Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go Friends and Trading: Costs, Rules, Gifts and Many more

Trainers, A lot of happened in the past few hours, The Pokemon Go Friends and Trading is live, so we gathered all the new information and have created this mega post of all new information! We don’t want you to… Continue Reading →

Niantic to attack illegally captured Pokemon

Say goodbye to any illegally caught Pokémon in your Pokédex. Niantic is getting rid of Pokémon Go cheaters with a pretty effective crusade: Deleting their illegally-obtained Pocket Monsters. The Japanese Pokémon Go Twitter account announced that it would soon be taking some sort of… Continue Reading →

Stardust and Candies required to HIT the Maximum Level

Trainers, Pokemon go has been around for almost 2 years and the players are constantly striving to make the best of the available resources to them be it stardust, candies, pokeballs, etc and over these 2 years we have learned… Continue Reading →

FAQ: What the Heck is Pokemon Poke Ball Plus?

Trainers, Everyone is wondering after the recent announcement of the Pokeball Plus and having questions what the heck it is and how it’ll work in Pokemon Go and other Pokemon Games. To answer all the questions we have compiled a… Continue Reading →

Theory: Niantic’s Pattern reveal Probable Next Community day Pokemon

Trainers, Community days are one of the best events that Niantic has given the fans and we wish that they continue this trend in the upcoming years as well, Niantic ‘unleashes’ the shiny forms of that specific Pokemon and its… Continue Reading →

Update 0.103.2 teardown : Blast Burn, Pokestops and Many More

Trainers, Pokemon GO update (0.103.2) is rolling out on Android and here is a proper tear down list for the upcoming List Proper Error Handling for Pokestops AR Prompt Dialogue New Star Piece Bundle Charizard Community Day special move Pokemon… Continue Reading →

Adventure Week Hinted for May 2018

Trainers, This is quite early but redditor  Biansci shared the Italian newsletter version roughly an hour ago which could be an offcial Newsletter from Niantic that hints a new Adventure week later this Month . Last Years adventure week was quite a… Continue Reading →

Zapdos a part of May Quests as per Network Traffic

Trainers, There can be seen a change in the source code of the game with new quest being live pretty soon and could possibly add Zapdos as a part of the event. The 3 main categories are : Catch — type and… Continue Reading →

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