Pokemon GO update (0.103.2) is rolling out on Android and here is a proper tear down list for the upcoming List

  1. Proper Error Handling for Pokestops
  2. AR Prompt Dialogue
  3. New Star Piece Bundle
  4. Charizard Community Day special move

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Proper Error handling for Pokestops

Pokestop submission feature has received two new flags: Internal Error and Too Many recent submissions in order to have a better and a hassle free experience for the players.

AR Prompt dialogue

This could possibly work when you click the AR button



Costing 400 PokeCoins containing 8 Star Pieces.

item_templates {
  template_id: "starpiece.8"
  iap_item_display {
    sku: "starpiece.8"
    sort_order: 4

The Final and an Important one is

Blast Burn Charizard

Blast Burn has been discovered in the APK, confirming it as Charizard’s exclusive Community Day move, and this could improve Charizard’s stats and performance in the same manner.


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Official Changelog

  • You can use Rare Candy in bulk mode now! Rejoice, you can finally dump dozen of candy into Feebas!
  • The game will prompt you to accept the Privacy Policy on launch. Does this have to do anything with European’s recent GDPR initiative? The GDPR initiative mandates software developers to have a “I agree with this privacy policy” button, completely disclosing which Personal Identifying Information they are storing about you and providing you a mechanism to delete that data.


Bulk Rare Candy usage, finally!
Privacy Policy prompt