Niantic just caught all of us by surprise as they announced Water Festival, it not only increased Water Type Spawns but also brought the Special Pokemon Go 2KM Egg.

So which Pokemon will be in Special Pokemon Go 2Km Egg?

We have collected the List of Confirmed Hatches from the Special 2KM Eggs, which were dropped after the event start (Special thanks to Infinitrize)

So here’s the List we collected so far

Pokémon hatching from 2km event eggs, which were from 2km outside the event:

Finally, Magikarp is Back!

WailmerPokemon GO WailmerPokemon GO Shiny Wailmer
ShellderPokemon GO ShellderPokemon GO Shiny Shellder
MagikarpPokemon GO MagikarpPokemon GO Shiny Magikarp
LuvdiscPokemon GO LuvdiscPokemon GO Shiny Luvdisc
BarboachPokemon GO Barboach
RemoraidPokemon GO Remoraid
SphealPokemon GO Spheal

Pokémon hatching from 2km event eggs, which were from 5km outside the event:

All 3 Generation Starters added!

KabutoPokemon GO KabutoPokemon GO Shiny Kabuto
OmanytePokemon GO OmanytePokemon GO Shiny Omanyte
AzurillPokemon GO Azurill
CarvanhaPokemon GO Carvanha
CorphishPokemon GO Corphish
LotadPokemon GO Lotad
MantinePokemon GO Mantine
MudkipPokemon GO Mudkip
SquirtlePokemon GO Squirtle
TotodilePokemon GO Totodile

Pokémon hatching from 2km event eggs, which were 10km outside the event:

FeebasPokemon GO Feebas
LaprasPokemon GO Lapras

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Did we miss anything?

Feel free to ask anything else you may want to know. If we can’t answer them, maybe someone else reading can. Let us know in the comments below and join the discussion on our Pokemon Go – WorldWide Niantic News Update Facebook Group!

Event Information

Water Festival 2018
Start DateJune 7th, 2018 at 1:00 pm PDT
End DateJune 21st 2018 at 1:00pm PDT
Check the PokeTimer for your Local End time: PokeTimer – Visit Here
Event bonusesIncreased WATER spawns in wild and in 2km eggs
3x catch stardust for WATER types
Shiny Shellder and Shiny Kyogre as a Tier 5 raid boss
Double candy and stardust for egg hatches
WATER type field research tasks