Niantic just caught all of us by surprise as they announced Water Festival, it not only increased Water Type Spawns but brought a lot of other attractions!

  1. New Shinies
  2. Ditto as Remoraid
  3. Raid Boss Shakeup
  4. New Quests
  5. Special 2 KM Egg
  6. List of Confirmed Water-type Spawn
  7. Kyogre Counters Infographics

New Shinies

The Water Event not only brought Water Spawns but also bought some new shinies.

Ditto as Remoraid

Ditto isn’t that important in Pokemon Go Metagame, So after collecting one for the Pokedex, most of the players have stopped caring about it. That all changed after Ditto when tracking Ditto became a mandatory part of the Special Research journey for catching the Mythical Pokemon Mew.

Image result for Remoraid

After many reports, it seems like Ditto is now also disguising itself as a Water Festival Pokemon, Starting this Morning, many trainers on Reddit began reporting that they had caught Dittos disguised as Remoraid.

The Video evidence was shared on Reddit by trainer hamstersmagic.

Raid Boss Shakeup

Reports are flooding in as of 2 PM PST on the new raid bosses, and we got the confirmed list of all new Raid Bosses

Here’s the List of Raid Boss Added to the Old List

Tier 1

Pokemon GO WailmerPokemon GO ShellderPokemon GO Shiny ShellderPokemon GO Magikarp

Tier 2

Pokemon GO MarshtompPokemon GO CroconawPokemon GO Tentacruel

Tier 3

Pokemon GO SharpedoPokemon GO VaporeonPokemon GO Starmie

Tier 4

Pokemon GO Walrein

Tier 5

Pokemon GO KyogrePokemon GO Shiny Kyogre

New Quests

Like every event, it became compulsory to play with new quests, New quests are up and here’s what it will reward you on completion!

Catch 2 Water Type PokemonMagikarp
Hatch an eggShellder
Use 3 berries to help catch pokemonWailmer
Battle in a gymHorsea
Battle in a gym 3 timesShellder
Win a Raid1x Rare Candy
Use 5 berries to help catch Pokemon500 Stardust
Evolve 2 ShellderLapras
Catch 5 Magikarp or WailmerLuvdisc

Special 2 KM Egg

We’re still fetching reports of confirmed Hatches from Special 2 KM Eggs. we’ll update this section as soon as we get new information!

List of 2 KM Egg Hatches

Water Festival 2018: List of all Pokemon in Special 2KM Egg

List of Confirmed Water-type Spawn

Currently, we are able to see the increased spawn of the below mentioned Pokemon, we’ll update the list as soon as New info is up.

Pokemon GO SphealPokemon GO CorphishPokemon GO Remoraid
Pokemon GO WailmerPokemon GO SurskitPokemon GO Wingull
Pokemon GO MantinePokemon GO WooperPokemon GO Magikarp
Pokemon GO HorseaPokemon GO ShellderPokemon GO Slowpoke
Pokemon GO Poliwag

Kyogre Counters Infographics

Special Thanks to johnsorci for sharing a Mobile Friendly Kyogre Counters Infographics

Download Link – Kyogre Infographics

Did we miss anything?

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