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Battle Showdown 2019 – Increased Spawn, Quests, Shinies and a New Move

Trainers, Just when we thought we won’t be having an event in the coming weeks, Niantic has surprised us all. Niantic Announced The Pokémon Go Battle Showdown 2019 The Pokémon Go Battle Showdown 2019 is a week-long event featuring Fighting-type… Continue Reading →

March 2019: Fighting Type Raid Boss Shakeup

Trainers, Dialga has now entered Tier 5 Raid Battle and in addition to that Raids are also changing, the bosses that are encountered within each of the Raid Levels have changed, adding new Raid Bosses and removing the old ones…. Continue Reading →

News Roundup: Dialga Counters, Raid Boss Shakeup, March Research Breakthrough and much more

Trainers, it’s the last day of the month and there is a lot of update with new Raid Boss coming to some new avatar updates! Let’s start with some of Obvious news! Dialga Raid Boss Starting from from March 1… Continue Reading →

Leak: Dialga will be in the Raid Battles starting Feb 28

Trainers, as we all know Legendary Tier 5 Raid Boss Palkia will leave the raid battles from 28th February and Niantic introduces a new legendary each time. You can check-out the Countdown Timer at PokeTimer Or Download New Mobile App GO Field Guide for… Continue Reading →

March Community Day Featuring Treecko, For the First time in your own Local Time

Trainers, The March Community Day is here, may be you would have already guessed the Special Pokemon, March Community Day Featuring Gen 3 Starter only grass type Pokemon Treecko! There is something new about this community day and mostly for… Continue Reading →

Officially Announced: New Team Medallion allows Trainers to switch teams, Starting Feb 26

Trainers, hold on your seat as this official now, a few days ago we had shared the leak of the team change, and becoming real now! Pokemon GO Officially Announced the New Item Team Medallion Team Medallion Coin The Team… Continue Reading →

Leak: Team Medallion Coin is Coming in Pokemon GO

Trainers, a new update is already out for android with lots of bugs, keeping that aside our all-time active Data miner Chrales found something unique in the new APK package. Hold on your seats, Here’s what he found! Team Medallion… Continue Reading →

February Community Day: Observations from Europe Swinub

The Swinub Community Day has been ended in Europe and the following things are observed. Obviously, The first report confirms Shiny Swinub, Apart from that many other happy trainers and lots of Swinubs were observed: Event bonuses include: 10 guaranteed Sinnoh Stones 5… Continue Reading →

Huge Change to Trainer Battle: Stats Boosting Move Effects are coming starting this Community Day

Trainers, Pokemon GO is making huge changes to Trainer Battle System, Hold on your seat trainers, Stats boosting moves are finally coming in Pokemon GO starting this Community Day! Stat boosts and debuffs have been part of the Pokemon franchise since the… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event: Increased Spawn, Raid Boss List, Research Task and Much more

Trainers, Niantic is again back with another event with lots of love, Niantic announced the Valentine’s Day event in the full Swing with lots of Rewards and Pink Pokemon! You can check-out the Countdown Timer of Event at PokeTimer Or Download New… Continue Reading →

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