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Feebas Research Day announced: shiny Feebas is coming!

Trainers, just a few hours ago Niantic announced a new event featuring the Fish Pokemon Feebas! On 19th of January (Europe, Americas, India, Greenland) and on January 20th 2019 (Asia-Pacific) players around the world will be able to participate in… Continue Reading →

Holidays 2018 Event: Increased Spawn, Special Baby Pokemon, Delibird Avatar and Rewards Guide

Trainers, the Winter Event is now approaching and only a few hours left, it is a two-week long event starting from 18th December lasting till 2nd January 2018. During this period trainers will enjoy Increased ICE Type Pokemon Spawn, Daily… Continue Reading →

Winter Event 2018 Announced: Delibird and friends returns

Trainers, Winter has already begun and Pokemon GO cannot be without an event, starting next week as soon as the Legendary Pokemon Lugia and Ho-Oh Leaves the Raid Battles the Winter Event begins. The Event will last from 18th Dec… Continue Reading →

New Gen 4 Pokemon and Stardust Blast Event is Live!

Trainers, always the surprise tweets arise at the same time, and reports are flooding, New Generation 4 Pokémon are out in the wild, along with Ponyta and Cubone spawns still active and the first ever stardust event announced. Stardust Blast… Continue Reading →

Gengar Raid Day Announced with Shiny Gengar and 5 Free Raid Passes

Trainers, time to prepare yourself for another Raid day this weekend, Gengar and it’s shiny form is going steal the raid battles for 3 Hours just like the legendary birds did for the Global Challenge rewards! SUMMARY OF THE EVENT –… Continue Reading →

We are finally launching our PokeTimer mobile App for Android!

Trainers, It’s our 2nd Anniversary and We are finally launching our PokeTimer mobile App for Android! The Most awaited App that everyone needs because of distributed event times and different local times is here! GOOGLE PLAY STORE DOWNLOAD LINK In Addition… Continue Reading →

Water Festival News Roundup: New Quests, Raid Boss, Egg Hatches and Many More

Trainers, Niantic just caught all of us by surprise as they announced Water Festival, it not only increased Water Type Spawns but brought a lot of other attractions! New Shinies Ditto as Remoraid Raid Boss Shakeup New Quests Special 2… Continue Reading →

Water Festival 2018: Shiny Kyogre and Shellder, 3x Stardust and Many More

Trainers, Professor Willow has now come up with some interesting findings regarding Water-type Pokemon and Splashes of new research is on tap during an exciting in-game celebration! Pokemon Go Water Festival (2018) Announced bringing up a lot of Stardust! The… Continue Reading →

PokeTimer – The Pokemon Go Event Countdown Timer

Trainers, Pokémon Go events tend to end without much fanfare. Whether it’s Community Day, the Go Fest or the soon-to-be-over Legendary Latios / Latias or Ho-oh and Adventure Week, it can be easy to forget when these special events come to a close. So… Continue Reading →

Pokemon go fest Announced 2018

Trainers, 2017 was the inaugural Pokémon Go Fest is being remembered more for its failings than its successes that the fans expected. Putting the past behind Niantic is  now committed and pumped to give the fans another go event this summer, an event that the… Continue Reading →

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