November Community Day : Observations from Asia-Pacific’s Cyndaquil

The Cynaquil Community Day is about to end in Asia-Pacific’s (Oops they received 2 hours extra) and the following things are observed. Obviously, The first report confirms Shiny Cyndaquil, Apart from that many other Pokemon Spawns and different types of error and… Continue Reading →

Halloween Event: New Field Research, Special Research Rewards, Shinies, Raid Battles and FAQs

Trainers, the Halloween Event has already been started, information is coming from left and right, we’ve created a list of All new Pokemon released, New Shiny forms, Field Research Tasks, Special Research and New Raid Battles Without adding further ado,… Continue Reading →

Gen IV News Roundup: List of New Pokemon, Shinies, Egg Hatches and Raid Battles

Trainers, the first wave of Sinnoh region Pokemon are now available in the Wild, New information is coming from left and right, we’ve created a list of All new Pokemon released, New Shiny forms and Egg hatches (Special thanks to… Continue Reading →

Pokemon Originally Discovered in Sinnoh are now live – List of Pokemon Released!

Trainers, Turn your Hype Glasses on and Free up your storage to register some new Pokémon originally from the Sinnoh region! Yes, you heard it right, a Few minutes ago Niantic announced Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, featured in… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO 0.123.1 APK Teardown: Generation IV Pokemon, 18 new moves, Android AR+ and much more

It’s another exciting day trainer, buckle up your seats, the Generation IV Hype is about to leave the station,  Niantic has just pushed a worldwide update with version number 0.123.1. The official patch notes are as follows: Pokemon originally discovered in… Continue Reading →

New Trailer Reveals How To Catch The Mythical Pokémon Meltan in Pokemon Go

Trainers, just a few minutes ago The Official Pokémon YouTube channel released the 2nd episode of Meltan Research, revealing the details about the New Mysterious Pokemon The official Press release reveals How To Catch The Mythical Pokémon Meltan in Pokemon Go. Here’s the… Continue Reading →

Pokemon Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3 that will evolve in Generation 4

Trainers, Niantic has already dropped the surprise by releasing the teaser, now it’s time prepare and to continue the Hype train we have created a chart which mentions Pokemon from Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 will have an… Continue Reading →

October Suicune Field Research: new quests, shiny Krabby, new Spinda form

Trainers, Suicune is now available as a Field Research reward and In addition to Suicune, more Water Quests based Field Research quests are available at PokéStops around the world. Few quests which are catching everyone attractions are getting a Spinda #1 as a reward… Continue Reading →

Deoxys EX Raids are live: FAQs and Counter Infographic

Trainers, the first Deoxys raids are now live, and reports are coming from many trainers, and a small bug by Niantic. Deoxys FAQ? Which form of the Deoxys is available in EX Raid?Currently, only the Normal form is available in… Continue Reading →

Introducing Meltan, a newly discovered Mythical Pokemon

Trainers, a major discovery has been made in the Pokemon GO and Pokemon Series, revealing the mystery behind the newly Nutto Pokemon. The Newly discovered Pokemon is known as Meltan as Said by Prof. Oak Meltan a new mythical Pokemon… Continue Reading →

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