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Ditto Can Now Hide As This Battle Showdown Pokemon

Trainers, Ditto isn’t that important in Pokemon Go Metagame, So after collecting one for the Pokedex, most of the players have stopped caring about it. That all changed after Ditto when tracking Ditto became a mandatory part of the Special… Continue Reading →

Battle Showdown Event: Raid Boss Shakeup – Fighting Type in Raid Battles

Trainers, As we are all aware that Battle Showdown has begun worldwide and in addition to that Raids are also changing, the bosses that are encountered within each of the Raid Levels have changed, adding new Raid Bosses and removing the… Continue Reading →

Battle Showdown: Box Analysis, Shiny Makuhita and Meditite

Trainers, As we think Niantic is taking a break from events, they Surprise all by coming with an announcement from nowhere. The Event is already Live and here’s the Quick Summary of the Event The event begins today, on May 1st, 2018… Continue Reading →

Fighting-Type Pokemon Special Battle Showdown Event Live

Just when we thought we won’t be having an event in the coming weeks, Niantic has surprised us all. And that too by announcing a new Event specially for Fighting Types, and it’s called Special Battle Showdown As we write this… Continue Reading →

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