Ditto isn’t that important in Pokemon Go Metagame, So after collecting one for the Pokedex, most of the players have stopped caring about it. That all changed after Ditto when tracking Ditto became a mandatory part of the Special Research journey for catching the Mythical Pokemon Mew.

Ditto is usually hidden as Pidgey, Zubat, Ratata and few other common Pokemon and only reveals its true form after it is captured. After many reports, it seems like Ditto is now also disguising itself as a Battle Showdown event pokemon.

Starting this Morning, many trainers on Reddit began reporting that they had caught Dittos disguised as Mankey. At first, it considered was as a hoax and it all got cleared after a Player uploaded the Video evidence of the same (Video evidence at the end of the Post)

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It is still unclear that Ditto is always going to have a chance of being captured in the form of Mankey of it till the Battle showdown event, but it is a great chance for trainers who are stuck at Special Research quest and should be sure to ignore any Mankey during the event.

After many reports and verification, we are on the list of Pokemon that transform in Ditto after the catch.

Pokemon GO MankeyMankey
Pokemon GO ZubatZubat
Pokemon GO RattataRattata
Pokemon GO PidgeyPidgey
Pokemon GO GastlyGastly
Pokemon GO ZigzagoonZigzagoon
Pokemon GO GulpinGulpin
Pokemon GO TaillowTaillow
Pokemon GO SentretSentret
Pokemon GO HoothootHoothoot
Pokemon GO YanmaYanma
Pokemon GO WhismurWhismur


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Video Evidence for Ditto Disguise as Mankey

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