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Leak: Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release, New Evolution Event and Increased Storage

Trainers, after having a usual week without any event, we all can expect an event soon and the same is going to happen, a new leak has come forward which states Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release, New Event and Increased Storage… Continue Reading →

New Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokemon Discovered in Pokemon Go Network Traffic

Trainers, This is not a drill, hold on to your seats as we are revealing one of the most exciting discoveries made by ZeChrales in the Pokemon GO network traffic. ZeChrales found normal and shiny models of most unreleased Gen 2 and… Continue Reading →

Stardust and Candies required to HIT the Maximum Level

Trainers, Pokemon go has been around for almost 2 years and the players are constantly striving to make the best of the available resources to them be it stardust, candies, pokeballs, etc and over these 2 years we have learned… Continue Reading →

List of Shiny Pokemon in Pokémon GO and How to find them

Trainers, Shiny Pokemon are one of the most discussed topics in Pokemon GO, Niantic is now releasing new Shinies at the species per event rate. You cannot find Shiny directly on the map screen when you enter the encounter screen that… Continue Reading →

New Alola region clothing items available in Pokémon GO for free

Trainers, To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Pokémon™ Ultra Sun and Pokémon™ Ultra Moon games for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems, Pokemon GO is running a cross-promotion and featuring Alola Region clothing for free. Alola Region is a… Continue Reading →

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