Trainers, after having a usual week without any event, we all can expect an event soon and the same is going to happen, a new leak has come forward which states Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release, New Event and Increased Storage update are coming in next week.


Disclaimer: The Information shared may not be 100 percent accurate.

The Source had Predicted the following event and proven to be 100% Accurate:

  1. Pokemon GO Water Festival
  2. Double XP and something related to 2km eggs for last year’s Eggstravaganza event
  3. No shinies for last year’s adventure week event

Although this source has leaked correctly in the past, be aware that this is a leak, not verified news, so take this with a grain of salt.


So according to the information we got, the following event is going to happen in next week:

1) Pokemon Go Gen 4 evolutions of previous Gen Pokemon (Magmortar, Electrivire and Rhyperior specifically) 

This looks like the first wave of gen 4, just like babies were in gen 2 and Halloween in gen 3

2) Pokemon GO Evolution Event

The Evolution Event will have:

  • Double XP for evolving and spinning Pokestops
  • Increased spawn rate of evolved Pokemon
  • Gen 3 evolutions released in the wild (except Milotic)
  • New quests that reward evolution items
  • Increased rate of evolution items from Pokestops
  • New raids with previous evolution item pokemon (they mention Scizor an example)

3) Pokemon max storage increased to 2000

4) New shop boxes with lucky eggs and raid passes

That’s it for the day, We’ll keep an eye out for confirmation of what’s happening from Niantic and post an update when the mystery is solved. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

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