The Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular 2020 Event is now live in few countries, bringing new Raid Bosses, Increased Psychic Pokemon Spawns, Egg Hatches, New Pokemon and New Wild Shinies.

Event Date: Friday, March 27, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. to Monday, March 30, 2020, at 10:00 p.m. local time

  1. Increased Spawns
  2. New Pokemon Debut
  3. New Wild Shinies
  4. Research Tasks
  5. New Raid Boss List
  6. Egg Hatches

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Increased Spawns

The list of below Pokemon Spawns has increased with the start of the Psychic Spectacular Event!

Pokemon GO BeldumBeldumShiny
Pokemon GO ChimechoChimecho 
Pokemon GO DrowzeeDrowzeeShiny
Pokemon GO ExeggcuteExeggcute 
Pokemon GO GirafarigGirafarig 
Pokemon GO LunatoneLunatone (Regional) 
Pokemon GO NatuNatuShiny
Pokemon GO SlowpokeSlowpoke 
Pokemon GO SpoinkSpoinkShiny

New Pokemon Debut

Along with the start of the event, 2 New Pokemon have joined the Pokemon GO Family

  • Solosis
  • Gothita

During the daytime, you’ll be able to encounter Solosis, the Cell Pokémon, in the wild, and during the evening, you’ll instead encounter Gothita, the Fixation Pokémon.

New Wild Shinies

Shiny Baltoy Family have joined the Pokemon GO Shiny family with the start of the event.

Here’s the quick comparison chart:

Shiny Baltoy Family

Research Task

New Research Tasks has been released and are now live available from the Pokestops

Task TextReward
Catch 5 NatuBaltoy (s)
Evolve 1 AbraSlowbro
Catch 10 Psychic-type Pokemon1000 Stardust
Defeat a Team GO Rocket GruntWobbuffet

New Raid Boss List

New Psychic Pokemon have joined the Raid Battles in the Gym.

Thanks to Niantic, Considering the current world health situation, the new Raid Boss added can be easily defeated by a single trainer.

TierRaid Bosses
1Baltoy (s), Spoink (s), Meditite (s), Slowpoke, Abra
2Kirlia, Exeggutor, Girafarig
3Claydol, Jynx, Espeon, Alolan Raichu (s)
5Thundurus, Cobalion (s)

Egg Hatches

Along with Solosis and Gothita, few other Pokemon have joined the 2KM Egg Hatches.

Note: Solosis and Gothita will be in the 5KM Egg Post Event

Pokemon GO AbraAbra 
Pokemon GO DrowzeeDrowzeeShiny
Pokemon GO RaltsRaltsShiny
Pokemon GO SpoinkSpoinkShiny
Pokemon GO BaltoyBaltoyShiny
Pokemon GO WynautWynautShiny
Pokemon GO BeldumBeldumShiny

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