Its still too good to be true and, We still have very own reasons to suspect this piece of information, as Niantic Support doesn’t have a tradition of leaking important info in e-mails.

Please try to manage your hype responsibly, we haven’t received any confirmation yet. According to a reddit thread that’s gaining traction, the Japanese Pokemon GO Support officials have confirmed the following:

  • Mewtwo EX Raid tests are over in Japan
  • Ho-Oh will start appearing as an EX raid boss in December!

The reddit thread shows an e-mail sent out to a Japanese player, stating Ho-Oh will start appearing as soon as the Legendary Beasts finish rotation which are Entei , Raikou and Suicune. The support officials recommended to enjoy the Halloween and Tottori (JP only, sand dune event) events in the meanwhile.

ScreenShot of the Email

Ho-Oh December Raid

Original e-mail text with translation


We received inquiries about EX raid. If you need additional information to investigate, we will contact you by email. Below is the answer. Field test in Japan of EX Raid is over. The field test runs around the world with 3 sacred animals Sukune Wait until the Hohou EX raid scheduled for official introduction in December. There are Tottori event in Japan and Halloween event in common world, so please enjoy it there. If PokemonGO can not play normally depending on the symptoms currently occurring, try reinstalling the application in the following procedure. In general, reinstalling an application may solve many problems.

That’s it for now guys

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