The Equinox celebration has already begun a few hours ago, and new the Event Special boxes are listed in the in-game with different prices. The contents of the each box are different and targeted to players need.

Equinox Event boxes are listed in 3 variants: Special Box, Great Box, and Ultra Box

Thanks to the members of the Reddit for price analysis.

The Following are the contents of the Event boxes with the sale price and savings, Surprisingly, buying any of the boxes results in getting Super Incubators for free essentially.

Special BoxGreat BoxUltra Box
Super Incubators358
Lure Modules51015
Lucky Eggs048
Cost without discount50013202140
Discount %4%26%30.8%
Price / Super Incubators160196185



The Special box is the cheapest option if you are looking only for Super Incubators, the Price per unit is 160 PokeCoins. You get 3 Super incubators (9 use).

The Great Box is the most preferred option aways if you want more than Super Incubators, you get 4 Lucky Eggs in Great Box but you pay a lot more for Super Incubators (And it is the most expensive option for Super Incubator)

The Ultra Box is the premium option, it contains a lot of Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and Super Incubators and providing a saving of 30.8%, the cost per unit of Super Incubator is middle between Special and Great Box, so if you are looking for Great Box, we suggest you increase your budget and go for the Ultra Box.

If you Looking for only Super Incubators than Special Box is for you.

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