Trainers, One of the most awaited and interesting discovery have been made in the recent Pokemon GO GAME_MASTER data push and it will completely change how TMs work.

Data miner Pokeminer have found interesting things like the Elite TMs, New Research Tasks for Sinnoh and Valentine’s event and much more…

Please be aware that this information is NOT ENDORSED OR CONFIRMED BY NIANTIC and is subject to change. Datamining can be unpredictable and information shared through these channels should be taken with a grain of salt!

Elite TMs

Elite TMs are coming to Pokemon GO, Elite TMs will allow you to choose which move you want your Pokemon to learn, SO NO MORE TM ROULETTE!

Elite TMs will work on both Fast Move and Charged Move, Currently, it is not know how Elite TMs will be made available to trainers, might be through shop or rewards through GO Battle League.

Here’s the complete text found in the GAME_MASTER

"This Technical Machine lets you choose a Fast Attack to teach to a Pokémon."

"Elite Fast TM"

"This Technical Machine lets you choose a Charged Attack to teach to a Pokémon."

"Elite Charged TM"

"Teach {0}"

"Teach Attack"


"Teach {0} a new Charged Attack"
"elite_tm_reroll_confirm_message" "{0} will forget {1} and learn {2}. Are you sure you want to teach {0} {2}?"

"Teach {0} a new Fast Attack"

"elitechargedtm.1_title" "Elite Charged TM" "elitefasttm.1_title" "Elite Fast TM"

"One...two...and...ta-da! {0} learned {1}!"

Sinnoh Celebration 2020 Quests

New Sinnoh Celebration event will be starting from 7th February at 8 AM, Here’s are the event-specific research tasks found in the GAME_MASTER!

The Quests include some hard quest like Hatch {X} Eggs, which might reward you a Sinnoh Stone!

Recently a lots of new February month events have been announced, All the upcoming events have been added in the GO Field Guide App.

"Sinnoh Celebration: Catch {0} Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup"

"Sinnoh Celebration: Catch {0} Kricketot"

"Sinnoh Celebration: Use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve a Pokémon"

"Sinnoh Celebration: Hatch {0} Eggs"

"Sinnoh Celebration: Win a raid"

Valentines Day Event

The Research Tasks for the Valentines Day Event has been found in the recent update.

"Valentine’s Day: Catch {0} Slowpoke or Whismur"

"Valentine’s Day: Catch {0} Luvdisc"

"Valentine’s Day: Evolve a Hoppip"

"Valentine’s Day: Hatch {0} Eggs"

"Valentine’s Day: Defeat {0} Team GO Rocket Grunts"

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