Trainers, Prepare for trouble, The Original Pokemon series Jessie and James are now coming in Pokemon GO along with their Meowth Balloon.

According to the reports from PokeMiners, Jessie and James Text along with assets have been pushed in the Pokemon GO network traffic and a new event will soon start where Meowth balloon with Jessie and James will be appearing more often.

Update: The Jessie and James have now arrived in Pokemon GO.

Here’s the official trailer shared by Niantic!

Jessie and James

Jessie and James text along with assets have been pushed in the network traffic indicates they will soon start appearing in Pokemon GO

RESOURCE ID: combat_grunt_bf_name
TEXT: Jessie

RESOURCE ID: combat_grunt_bm_name
TEXT: James

Here’s the asset found in the network traffic:

New Outfits

New Jessie and James themed outfits have found in the network traffic.

r/TheSilphRoad - Asset Update - 09-07-20 - Team rocket are blasting off again with new Jessie and James outfits

Battle Text

The most famous dialogue “To denounce the evils of truth and love!” will be in Pokemon GO.

Here are the battle texts when you battle Jessie and Jame:

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_challenge#1
TEXT: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_combat_quote#1
TEXT: Hey, do you want to join Team Rocket?

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_combat_quote#2
TEXT: The Boss’s Persian is so elegant...

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_combat_quote#3
TEXT: Who are these Team GO Rocket Leaders, anyway?

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_defeat#1
TEXT: You’re just a Twerp. Why are you so strong?

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_defeat#2
TEXT: Hmph! How infuriating! Don’t let it go to your head just because your Pokémon were a teeny-tiny bit stronger!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_defeat#3
TEXT: We’re blasting off again!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_defeat#4
TEXT: I only lost because I’m using these borrowed Pokémon! You’re no match for Team Rocket!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_greeting#1
TEXT: To protect the world from devastation!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_victory#1
TEXT: Looks like I’ve just denounced the evils of truth and love!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_victory#2
TEXT: Can’t wait for the Boss to hear about this!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bf_victory#3
TEXT: Team GO Rocket’s first take-over would’ve been much more successful if only we’d been invited!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_challenge#1
TEXT: To extend our reach to the stars above!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_combat_quote#1
TEXT: Hey, would you like to join Team Rocket?

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_combat_quote#2
TEXT: You’ll regret this!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_combat_quote#3
TEXT: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_defeat#1
TEXT: We got beat by a Twerp?!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_defeat#2
TEXT: But I was so confident this time!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_defeat#3
TEXT: Even if you did defeat us in battle, we’re still bigger and stronger than you!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_defeat#6
TEXT: We’re blasting off again!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_defeat#7
TEXT: Argh! I despise Twerps!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_defeat#8
TEXT: I should have known I couldn’t win with borrowed Pokémon...

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_greeting#1
TEXT: To unite all people within our nation!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_victory#1
TEXT: Looks like our reach has extended to the stars above!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_victory#2
TEXT: I hope the Boss will be proud of me!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_bm_victory#3
TEXT: If only the Boss had sent us here the first time around!

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