Chrales, one of the most active Network Traffic Analyser, just leaked the following info:

  1. 20 new Generation III Pokémon assets are being downloaded (WATER AND ICE TYPE)
  2. Delibird Assets are being downloaded.
  3. AR Plus Tutorial steps are also downloaded

20 new Generation III Pokémon assets (Water Wave)

We don’t that this Pokemon will be released or not, but image assets – sprites that are used for Pokédex and various other in-game Pokémon lists are being downloaded in the Network Traffic. And Guess what? They all are Water and Ice type, and it’s Iccy Christmas!

Update: Following Image is also being downloaded

The Following Pokemon Assets are being downloaded:

Pokemon GO LotadLotadPokemon GO LombreLombrePokemon GO LudicoloLudicolo
Pokemon GO SphealSphealPokemon GO SealeoSealeoPokemon GO WalreinWalrein
Pokemon GO CarvanhaCarvanhaPokemon GO SharpedoSharpedo
Pokemon GO WailmerWailmerPokemon GO WailordWailord
Pokemon GO BarboachBarboachPokemon GO WhiscashWhiscash
Pokemon GO CorphishCorphishPokemon GO CrawdauntCrawdaunt
Pokemon GO FeebasFeebasPokemon GO MiloticMilotic
Pokemon GO GlalieGlaliePokemon GO SnoruntSnorunt
Pokemon GO RelicanthRelicanthPokemon GO LuvdiscLuvdisc


The Following Album was updated by ZeCharles

new pokémongo gen3 pokémons (water wave)

Delibird Assets are being downloaded.

As we had mentioned in our previous post about Delibird moves are both in the APK and in the Game Master file. Finally, Delibird Assets are now being downloaded in the Network traffic.

It’s a gift-giving season, nothing can hold back Niantic for releasing Delibird!

Gifts? What do you think?

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AR Plus Tutorial steps are also downloaded

AR Plus which we mentioned in our previous Data Mining report, assets of AR Plus tutorial are also being downloaded

AR Plus Tutorial

AR Plus Tutorial

ZeCharles also found some text in Network traffic, the text behind tutorials is:

  1. Look around an open area with your device until it recognizes a flat surface.
  2. Approach the Pokémon slowly. You’ll get bonus rewards if you catch it!
  3. Tap the tall grass to find a Pokémon.

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