Trainers, as we all know Legendary Tier 5 Raid Boss Palkia will leave the raid battles from 28th February and Niantic introduces a new legendary each time.

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According to 🎃Stardust PokémonGo, A new dual-type Steel/Dragon legendary boss Dialga will be joining raid battles starting from February 28.

Dialga is a dual type Steel/Dragon Gen 4 Legendary Pokemon and is the game mascot of Pokemon Diamond and a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh, representing time.

Stardust PokemonGo has proven as a verifiable and accurate leak source of Pokemon GO many times before, but it seems that players might not take this seriously as the account manager is Spoofer, but as of leak he has been proven right till date!

We at PokeWreck and GO Field Guide do not encourage spoofing/cheating and we don’t approve it, but when it comes down to leakes, this account has been accurate and reliable.