Trainers, Pokemon GO has pushed some new updates in the background. The update includes Pinsir Raid Day, Latias Latios Special Weekend and much more…

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  1. Pinsir Raid Day
  2. Latias/Latios Special Weekend
  3. Upcoming Community Day
  4. Giftable Friends

Pinsir Raid Day

It looks like we’ll be soon getting the Pinsir Raid Day!

Pinsir Raid Day text has been found in the new data GAME_MASTER. Date and Time still haven’t been found, It would be a good time to get out and get a shiny if you don’t have one yet.

RESOURCE ID: raid_day_pinsir
TEXT: Raid Day: Pinsir

RESOURCE ID: raid_day_pokemon
TEXT: Featured Pokémon appearing in all raids

RESOURCE ID: raids_pinsir
TEXT: Pinsir appearing in all raids

Latias / Latios Raid Weekend

New Text regarding Latias and Latios Raid Weekend has been found, Maybe another opportunity for shiny?

RESOURCE ID: raid_weekend_event_name
TEXT: Special Raid Weekend

RESOURCE ID: raid_weekend_latios_latias
TEXT: Latias and Latios appearing in five-star raids

Community Day

Text for Weedle and Gastly Community have been added.

Like previous community day, We can Weedle/Gastly encounter through GO Snapshot during the community day!

RESOURCE ID: community_day_weedle_event_name
TEXT: Community Day: Weedle

RESOURCE ID: spawn_weedle 
TEXT: More Weedle are appearing in the wild 

RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_weedle 
TEXT: 5 surprise encounters with Weedle in GO Snapshot

RESOURCE ID: community_day_gastly_event_name 
TEXT: Community Day: Gastly 
RESOURCE ID: spawn_gastly
TEXT: More Gastly are appearing in the wild

RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_gastly
TEXT: 5 surprise encounters with Gastly in GO Snapshot

Friend List Giftable Sort

This was only a minor update to older texts but hopefully a sign this might be coming soon

RESOURCE ID: friendslist_sort_giftable 

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