Trainers, A New way of Team GO Rocket Invasion is coming in Pokemon GO and It is like the original Pokemon TV Series where Jessie and James used to invade.

A new version of Pokemon GO 0.179.0 is rolling out slowly and Data Miners have found the presence of Team GO Rocket Air Ballon and Invasion Grunts – Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report!

Update: Recently in 2 of the Pokemon GO posts, the presence of Team GO Rocket Hot Air Ballon has been found. We have attached the posts at the end of this post.

Note: Currently the feature is not live.

Data Mine

Team GO Rocket Ballon

Prepare for high flying trouble, Team GO Rocket Ballon has been found.

There will be a min level you will need to be in order to see it, which is currently not known.


Start Time

Just like Team GO Invasion it will also have a start time.


Ballon Location

It will spawn on the map and move or wander around. It can change the height and will eventually despawn.


A Large Logo

A Large Team GO Rocket Logo has been found, presumably to go on the rocket balloon.


With the release of a new version of Pokemon GO, Rocket Invasions were split into two separate categories, one for PokeStops and one for Balloons.

A new type of Rocket Invasion (GRUNTB) was made for the Balloon, separating it from the Pokéstop invasions.

Two new grunts were also added CHARACTER_GRUNTB_FEMALE and a CHARACTER_GRUNTB_MALE

This implies that you would not battle Giovanni or the Leaders as they have their own Type.

Social Media Posts

Recently a new Pokemon GO post in twitter shows the Team GO Rocket luring in the Sky

Post Link: Visit Here

The official image for GO Fest 2020 also have a Team Rocket balloon in the background over the trees. 

Post Link: Visit Here

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