The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here.

Gen III and Weather conditions are live.

As we are writing this post, Gen III is already out and weather conditions are also live.

Apart from them the Battle Party feature is also available. And the Free additional 50 Pokemon Storage slots have also been updated.

Here are some snapshots of the newly added features.

Gen III Pokemon Minun being caught in Pokemon GO

Weather conditions – Rainy

Battle Party feature is now activated in Pokemon GO and can be accessed on the Left of the Pokemon Screen option.

The additional 50 slots have also been added to every trainers storage!!

This was just a quick update to let you know about Gen III and other features going live!!

Tag all your friends and let them know about the same!! And share your first Gen III catches with us in the comments below!!

That’s it for now guys!!

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That’s it for now guys!!

Happy Hunting!!