Trainers, The New Celebi Special Research task are live, along with that Johto Research tasks and New Celebi t-shirts are now live in the game and the previously discovered Silver Pinab Berry is now in the network traffic and soon will be activated.


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Celebi Special Research Task

We have created a separate post for the Stages of the Mythical Research of Celebi

Special Research – A Mythical Discovery of Celebi Quest Stages and Rewards – Visit Here

Silver Pinap Berry

Silver Pinab Berry

The Silver Pinab Berry has previously added in the APK and today the stats in the Pokemon Go Network Traffic, the berry is still not live in the game.

  • “Feed this to a Pokémon to receive more Candy when you catch it and make it easier to catch”
  • 2x Candy
  • 1.8x Capture Chance

Johto Festival quests

Johto Festival: Evolve 3 Sunkern


Johto Festival: Make 3 Excellent Throws

Scyther, Onix

Johto Festival: Catch 5 Water Pokémon

Seadra, Poliwhirl

Johto Festival: Win a raid


Johto Festival: Catch 3 Sunkern

Evolution item (Metal coat, dragon scale, up-grade, Sun Stone, Kings rock)

Johto Festival: Make 4 Great Curveball Throws in a row


Celebi t-shirt

The Celebi Free T-Shirt is now available you can grab it in from the in-game store!

Celebi T-shirt

Lunatone/Solrock Global Pokemon

Trainers many reports are coming that Regional Pokemon Lunatone and Solrock have migrated again and switched back there location!

Lunatone and Solrock have become global pokemon based on multiple reports from users on the Silph Road.

Shiny Pineco, Natu and Sunkern

3 New Shiny Pokemon have been added to the Game

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