Trainers, a massive leak just happened, We’re too excited to share that the Famous Data Miner Chrales has just revealed Kecleon, Gorebyss and shiny models for almost every Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon!

Before proceeding further, we want to make it clear:

The Discovery in the network traffic doesn’t mean the Pokemon will be available in the next update (although according to all previous discoveries the Pokemon were made available).
Please be aware that the was majority of the new Pokemon who now have a shiny model are not live or available at the moment you’re reading this post.

It is expected the some of the Discoveries will be made available during the new Celebi Quests!

Kecleon and Gorebyss

Kecleon and Gorebyss are the two Gen 3 Pokemon which are yet to be released, ZeChrales shared the Models of Kecleon and Gorebyss in his Twitch Stream, you can watch it below:

Rest Gen 1 and Gen 2 Shiny Models

ZeCharles also shared this Massive Leak which has almost all the Shiny Models of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon, Which includes Shiny Chansey, Blissey, and a number of other Gen 1 and Gen 2 shiny sprites except Special Pokemon like Unowns!

You can watch out the Stream here:

The Trading event is going to end soon, Make sure to get your trading Stickers!

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