Trainer,  hold on your seats as this update is huge and we can say this is the most exciting update if you love your buddy Pokemon and Gen 5 Pokemon.

Recently a lot of Data was pushed in the network traffic and its Data Mine report suggests many new features like AR Buddy v2, New Party Hat Special Event Forms, New Unova Pokemon and much more...

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  1. AR Buddy v2
  2. New Stones and Buddy Emotions Assets
  3. New Unova Region (65 Pokemon)
  4. New Party Hat Special Forms
  5. New Quests
  6. 2020 Glasses

Before we beginAll the following updates are currently not live from the server-side, we want to reiterate that nothing written here is endorsed, confirmed, or shared by Niantic. These are reports found by various data miners on the Internet, and they are subject to change.

AR Buddy v2

A Bunch of AR Buddy v2 Text has been found in the network, The text describes the AR Buddy Rewards, Levels, and many other Buddy Secrets

Credit for the complete text – u/martycochrane

Here’s the complete text summary:

  • Buddy will walk with you on the map.
  • You can only swap buddies once per day.
  • Friendship with the buddy increases by walking with the buddy, using it in battles and raids.
  • If your buddy is happy/excited, the distance for earning candy for that buddy will be reduced.
  • Your Buddy will reward you different items like Pokeball, Potions, etc.
  • Group AR photos will be introduced where the leader is the focus of the photo.
  • A New Hide and seak group AR game.
  • When Buddy is at it’s the best level, CP Boost will be rewarded.
  • Buddy Pokemon needs to be fed time to time
  • If your buddy is hungry, it will no longer follow you.
  • Trading best buddies reset the level.

You can find the complete text at

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New Stones and Buddy Emotions

A complete set of New Stones and Buddy Emotions has been found in the Network Traffic, Currently, at the point of writing this Articles, we don’t how and where the stones will be used but looking at the stones it looks very much exiting!

Pokemon GO AR Buddy Emotions
Pokemon GO New Stones

New Unova Region 65 Pokemon

It’s pretty much exciting, 65 New Unova forms normal and shiny forms got added in the Network traffic. Below are all the new forms found in the network.

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New Unova Region Pokemon

New Party Hat Special Forms

The Party Wurmple is finally coming to Pokemon along with many other Party hat forms.

New Raticate, Wobbuffet & Wurmple with the party hat and also Galarian Weezing and Zigzagoon shiny family got added in the Network Traffic

Raticate, Wobbuffet & Wurmple with Party Hat

New Quests

A New Research Quest has been pushed in the network traffic:

Catch {0} Normal-, Water-, or Ice-type Pokémon

New 2020 Glasses

New Year 2020 Glasses are also going to be introduced, New Text Translation have been added in the Network Traffic

string Key = "avatar_f_glasses_newyearglasses2020_0_bundle_icon" string Translation = "2020 Specs"  

string Key = "avatar_m_glasses_newyearglasses2020_0_bundle_icon" string Translation = "2020 Specs"

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