Trainers, new update 0.141.1 has been found for Android and a lot of new changes is happening in Pokemon GO, The new upcoming update contains a lot of Quality of Life updates, and few bug fixes!

All the following updates are currently not live from the server side, it’s just the Data mine information from the latest APK

A Trainer martycochrane has completed the Data mine from the latest APK.

Here’s here the summary what he found!

  • Premium Raid Pass delete option
  • Lucky Friend Fix
  • Dodging and Awareness for Pokemon during encounters
  • Extra Low-Quality Mode for slower phones

Raid Pass Delete Option

Niantic is actually listening to trainers suggestion, and finally brought the option to delete Raid Pass in the new update.

“Are you sure you want to delete these premium items? This cannot be undone.”

Many of you would be wondering why this option and who wants to delete raid pass?

People want to delete Raid Passes because they used to buy the bundles for the Incubators but didn’t use the passes. Using them is time-consuming for them and/or they might not have raids to use them on.

Many trainers live in rural areas where there are not many raids, so they end up pilling a lot of Raid passes which consumes a lot of space in inventory. This is the reason for few trainers who want to delete Raid Passes!

Lucky Friend Fix

Many trainers had reported the issue that, only one person becoming a Lucky Friend after an interaction, If you’re experiencing this, we advise holding off on making your Lucky Trade for now and wait for the 0.141.0 Update to roll out completely.

The Issue has been fixed in the upcoming update.

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Dodging and Awareness in Pokemon Encounters

A lot of new code is added specifically about Pokemon being able to dodge during an encounter and their ‘awareness’ which seems to trigger the dodge. It seems that some of this code may have replaced the existing jump commands.

We still don’t know what it is gonna be!

Extra Low Quality Mode

An additional level of Performance/Quality reduction is added for slower phones.


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