Trainers, Pokemon GO is making huge changes to Trainer Battle System, Hold on your seat trainers, Stats boosting moves are finally coming in Pokemon GO starting this Community Day!

Stat boosts and debuffs have been part of the Pokemon franchise since the game’s earliest days. Many Pokemon moves can both do damage and grant a chance boosting a stat (or debuffing an opponent), so Pokemon Go really is attempting to make its battle system a bit closer to the main series games.

Niantic mentioned in the community note currently only three moves will have a chance to provide passive stat buffs for the user:

 The first moves this update will impact are below.

  • Ancient Power: Chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defense
  • Ominous Wind: Chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defense
  • Silver Wind: Chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defense

These stat boosts will persist on the affected Pokémon until they either faint or are switched out of battle. Again, remember that there’s a random chance that the effect will be triggered once you use the move.

According to Niantic Official Blog post, this move will affect the stats boosting only in the Trainer Battle System only!

List of Pokemon that learns Stat Boosting Moves

Credits – u/scylla-messina for compiling the list

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As a reminder, Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine during Community Day event hours will learn the move Ancient Power, so don’t miss out!

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