Team GO Rocket Leaders Sierra, Cliff and Arlo are now ready with new Shadow Pokemon Lineup and can reward you with an opportunity to catch new shiny shadow Pokémon: Bagon, Stantler and Absol.

We’ve also updated the new lineup in GO Field Guide App, Do Check it out at GO Field Guide ->

The new Team GO Rocket lineups are as follows:


First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Pokemon GO BagonPokemon GO CharizardPokemon GO Salamence
Pokemon GO SteelixPokemon GO Scizor
Pokemon GO BlastoisePokemon GO Dragonite
  • Bagon
  • Charizard / Steelix / Blastoise
  • Salamence / Scizor / Dragonite

Possible Reward: Shadow Bagon or Shadow Shiny Bagon


First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Pokemon GO AbsolPokemon GO AlakazamPokemon GO Shiftry
Pokemon GO CacturnePokemon GO Gardevoir
Pokemon GO LaprasPokemon GO Houndoom
  • Absol
  • Alakazam / Cacturne / Lapras
  • Shiftry / Gardevoir / Houndoom

Possible Reward: Shadow Absol or Shadow Shiny Absol

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First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Pokemon GO StantlerPokemon GO MarowakPokemon GO Tyranitar
Pokemon GO OnixPokemon GO Swampert
  • Stantler
  • Marowak / Onyx / Electawire
  • Tyranitar / Swampert / Torterra

Possible Reward: Shadow Stantler or Shadow Shiny Stantler

GO Rocket Grunts, Decoy Grunts and Giovanni’s Pokémon are still the same as they were before. No changes for now!

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