Trainers, hold on your seats as this update is huge and we can say this is the most exiting update so far, A new version of Pokemon GO 0.153.0 is rolling slowly for Android and its Data Mine report suggests many new features like Competitive Play, Buddy System v2, Route Maker, Gen 5 Pokemon and much more!

The official update mentions Minor Bug Fixes, but our data miners know something is always hidden behind those curtains!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  1. Buddy System v2
  2. Route Maker
  3. VS Seeker and Competitive Ranking
  4. Gen 5 Pokemon
  5. Unova Stones

So let’s dive deeper and find what’s behind those amazing titles!

Before we beginAll the following updates are currently not live from the server side, we want to reiterate that nothing written here is endorsed, confirmed, or shared by Niantic. These are reports found by various data miners on the Internet, and they are subject to change.

Buddy System v2

A whole new Buddy System v2 is coming to Pokemon GO with lots of improvements and much of cool new features. 

The Upcoming Buddy System will be having a “Buddy Level” stat, which will be based on your interaction with your Buddy.

According to the Codebase you can increase the Buddy Pokemon level by Feeding, Grooming and few other different activities.


Like Gym Motivation, The Buddy System will also have a Buddy Motivation Points which will decay (“losing motivation”) over time. The code mentions Decay frequency, triggers and points per day


The Game will also be tracking your Daily Buddy Swaps and there will be a certain limit to swap your Buddy Pokemon


There is also a cool feature which is mentioned many times in the codebase “Buddy Encounter Cameo”. Currently it is not clear what it would be, seems like it would chance to encounter your buddy Pokemon on the map or your buddy Pokemon as “Catchable” Pokemon.

.get_BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercent .set_BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercent .BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercentFieldNumber .buddyEncounterCameoChancePercent_ 

Route Maker

Route Maker is a new item which is very interesting yet it’s unclear what these things are but we have a little intel about them.

Router Maker allows you to create in-game routes between Pokestops, It also allows you to set Pokestops, distance and Checkpoints in the route.

On completing the routes, checkpoints you will receive certain rewards.

These settings are applied when creating a route:

  • Maximum number of open routes
  • Minimum and maximum Stops per route
  • Minimum and maximum route distance
  • Minimum and maximum distance between Stops
  • Maximum number of checkpoints
  • Minimum and maximum number of checkpoints between Stops
  • Minimum and maximum distance between checkpoints
  • Name and Description length limits

VS Seeker, Competitive Ranking and Seasons

VS Seeker will be the new item which allows you to duel another trainer in the real world.

Trainer Battles against remote ranked opponents are called “Duels” in the code, Seekers are the players that are “Seeking” an opponent for match making.

You can set the Minimum Opponent Trainer level in the Seeker for matchmaking.


VS Seeker records number of battles, number of victories and your previous season ranking. VS Seeker needs to be charged apparently.


There will be different seasons, Ranks and Rating withing the Pokemon GO PvP World which will be connected to VS Seeker.

  • Seasons
    • Seasons have “End Time” limits
    • Ratings are adjusted inside Seasons
  • Ranks
    • Your Combat Rank has a Level that describes it. The level is described by the number of Battles you fought, Wins you had and your overall Ratings

Gen 5 Pokemon

The Unova Complete Dex is now added in Pokemon GO APK but we already knows it’s coming before 16th September.

Unova Stone

Unova Stone is the new item coming to Pokemon GO with Gen 5, it is likely tied only to evolving specific Unova region Pokemon.

It is currently unclear which Pokemon will require Unova Stone to evolve and how it will be obtained.

Unova Stone is called .ITEM_GEN5_EVOLUTION_STONE in the APK 

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