Trainers, A lot of new changes is happening in Pokemon GO, The new upcoming update contains all of the required UI elements and assets for the upcoming Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let’s Go connectivity, but also a ton of interesting stuff we haven’t seen before.

So Let’s begin!

Meltan box (aka Wonder, aka Beluga incense)

The Meltan old Mysterious Box which was featured in Meltan discovery videos by Prof. Willow and Oak, and is now in the Pokemon GO Assets.


The Meltan Box can be received once per week on Transferring a Pokemon to any of the Let’s Go Game, and once the Box is activated it is used as an incense to attract Meltan for 30 Minutes.

Our Active Network Traffic Analyzer found some supporting text for the Meltan Box.

Sinnoh Stone

Sinnoh stone is a special stone originally found in the Sinnoh region that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. Previously Chrales leaked the Sinnoh Stone via his Network Traffic Analysis. But now we have the opportunity how it looks.

And According to the Recent Hint in the Newsletter we can expect the Sinnoh Stone in the next few days!

The Sinnoh Stone Sprite is now in the game assets

Sinnoh Stone

November Event

Niantic Maintains a Special list of Event in the code base, and a new entry has been found (November Event).

The list is almost always associated with new exclusive forms and Let’s GO Series is up next, So we can expect some new forms of Pikachu and Eevee during this event or Might be a Detective Pikachu?


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Facebook Friends

A New Social Feature is on it’s way and we can soon expect Facebook Friend playing Pokemon Go in our Friend list!


Meltan and Melmetal

Meltan and Melmetal’s respective field values have now appeared in Pokemon GO’s Codebase:


Meltan is numbered 808 and Melmetal 809, and it will cost 400 candy to evolve a Meltan into Melmetal.

Giftbox Onboarding

Chrales Found another asset “GiftBox Onboarding” Currently we do not have an information about it.

But we think it is a gift for connecting Switch to Pokemon Go for the first time. This looks somewhat like Pikachu?

List of New Assets found. Credits @Leekduck