The Cynaquil Community Day is about to end in Asia-Pacific’s (Oops they received 2 hours extra) and the following things are observed.

Obviously, The first report confirms Shiny Cyndaquil, Apart from that many other Pokemon Spawns and different types of error and lags were observed:

Any Server Error Today?

Like every Community Day, APAC Trainers again had to face the server errors today, The Game was not able to load and it was literally unplayable condition.

Though Niantic Acknowledged the issue and Provided the extension of 2 hours for APAC Region

Stardust Benefit

Yes, APAC Region enjoyed 6x Stardust using the Star piece.

Cyndaquil Spawn Rate

Many Players are unhappy with the Spawn rates. Reports from Asia-Pacifics confirm that the Cynaquil Spawn rate is less than other Community Days, and many other Pokemon are spawning frequently.

Catch Rate

Many trainers reported that the Catch rate of Cynaquil was much difficult than the previous community days. But however it was higher than Normal catch in the wild!

Shiny Rate

Shiny rates were normal. According to the Report, trainers managed to encounter 1 Shiny out of 30 Cyndaquil encounters. but finally, all that depends on luck!

Field Research

Catch 3 Cyndaquil with variation of rewards: 500 stardust, 2 pinap or 2 ultra balls

IV and Level!

Many reports suggest that Lots of the Cyndaquil were Quite a Low level and of Low IV. But few managed to get Cyndaquil of 80%+ IV

Here’s a beautiful IV Chart which you can refer 🙂

How was your Experience?

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Did we miss anything?

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Best Cyndaquil Search Trick

Caught too many Cyndaquil? Now finding the best IV Eevee in the inventory to evolve would be too difficult and time-consuming, instead, we can use a search string to find the best. Generate a search string of Minimum 90% IV and paste it in the search bar to filter out the best Cyndaquil for you.

Note: This trick won’t work if you power up your Pokemon

We have updated the IV Strings in the PokeTimer Mobile App, you can just tap on it to copy the string! –Download Link