Trainers, Secrets of the Jungle event is now live in few countries bringing shiny Celebi through Special Research, Jessie and James back to Pokemon GO, Increased Spawns, New Shiny and much more…

Event Date: Starting Monday, December 14, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. local time

  • Bonuses
  • Boosted Spawns
  • Shiny Celebi Special Research
  • Photobomb Encounters
  • Eggs
  • New Shiny
  • Raids

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  • Jessie and James are back with Scyther and Pinsir and both have a chance of being shiny.
  • New avatar items are available in the shop
  • New Explorer Pikachu can be found in Wild and in the raids.

Boosted Spawns

Pikachu Explorer Hat and few other announced Pokemon are now appearing more frequently in the wild.

Here’s the list of increased spawn in the surroundings:

  • Hoothoot
  • Nuzleaf
  • Drilbur
  • Cottonee
  • Dwebble (s)
  • Pikachu Explorer Hat (s)
  • Durant (s)
  • Roggenrola (s)
  • Caterpie (s)
  • Diglett (s)
  • Woobat (s)

Shiny Celebi Special Research

Stage 1

  • Transfer 10 Pokémon: Ultra Balls x10
  • Catch 10 Grass-type Pokémon: Nuzleaf Encounter
  • Evolve 3 Grass-type Pokémon: Cottonee Encounter

Stage Rewards: Diglett (Kanto) Encounter, 500 Stardust, 1000 XP

Stage 2

  • Play with your buddy 10 times: Poffin x1
  • Take a snapshot of a Grass-type Pokémon: Combee Encounter
  • Give your buddy 10 treats: Cherubi Encounter

Stage Rewards: Pinsir Encounter, 500 Stardust, 1000 XP

Stage 3

  • Defeat Jessie or James 4 times: Max Revive x5
  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws: Hoothoot Encounter
  • Hatch 3 Eggs: Whimsicott Encounter

Stage Rewards: Vibrava Encounter, 500 Stardust, 1000 XP

Stage 4

  • Claim Reward!: 500 XP
  • Claim Reward!: Oddish
  • Claim Reward!: Foongus

Stage Rewards: Shiny Celebi Encounter, 500 Stardust, 1000 XP

Note: This Special Research does not have a time limit. However, there will be a deadline to obtain the research. You ideally should finish the Special Research while the Meowth balloons are around but that task could change when they leave.

Photobomb Encounters

r/TheSilphRoad - Verification - Jesse and James appearing in photobombs. Wobbofet spawned as a result.

Jesse and James are now appearing in photobombs and Wobbuffet (s) or Meowth (s) can be spawned after the snapshot upto 5 times per day.


5KM Eggs have got some new additions!

  • Igglybuff (s)
  • Smoochum (s)
  • Elekid (s)
  • Magby (s)
  • Bonsly (s)
  • Rufflet (s)

New Shiny

Rufflet Family and Celebi Shiny form has made its debut in Pokemon GO.

Here’s the shiny form comparison:


TierRaid Bosses
1Mawile (s), Roggenrola (s), Rufflet (s), Pikachu (s), Exeggcute (s)
3Flygon, Pinsir (s), Chansey (s), Durant (s), Nuzleaf, Lickitung (s)
MegaCharizard X (s), Gengar (s), Abomasnow (s)

Credits to TheSilphRoad for different reports and verifications.

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